So Undeniably Hot!

I think it’s important to be absolutely truthful in matters pertaining to self assessment.  There’s nothing to be gained by hiding your talents under a bushel or minimizing traits you possess.  For instance, If there’s one thing I know without a doubt,  it’s that I’m  positively, undeniably  HOT!

Yep, she's hot!

Yep, she’s hot!

Am I hot like her?  Uh…no.  That’s not what I meant.  I meant hot as in waaaaayyy over heated, burning-in-the-center-of-the-earth hot.

Me at the gym this morning.

Me at the gym this morning.

Lately, this is what all my gym workouts feel like.  Apparently, the air conditioning isn’t working and it must take a one-in-a-million mind to fix it because it’s been that way for much too long.  Not only is it too warm in the workout area the women’s locker room could actually double as a sauna.  It’s not funny and I’m not exaggerating.

…and this is what I explained in a thorough and lengthy sort of way to Poor Andy just this morning.  Poor Andy has nothing to do with the heat in the gym (although he is quite pretty and all muscled up).  He was just the one who unfortunately had to tell me that the manager, the actual person in charge was busy in her office.
Now in retrospect that was probably a good thing since The Blidiot is quite pregnant and as cranky as I am right now I really wouldn’t want to make her cry…too much.  Blidiot is my nickname for that little woman.  It’s short for blond idiot.   I wouldn’t call her that if she’d ever introduced herself to me and actually given me her name but since she’s been there (many months)  she hasn’t said one single word to me.  I guess we don’t have enough familiarity for that.  After all she only sees me five days a week.  I’m really not that demanding.  If she’s unable to be effective she could at least be nice.  Hard to win over the clientele when you’re disengaged AND sour.  On her three-minute walk around the gym in the morning I’ve only ever seen her write on a clipboard.  What the hell she’s writing is beyond me.  Must be stick figure cartoons or hieroglyphics or something because the problems that popped up on her watch when she first arrived are still problems today.
You know problems….like the calf machine that’s been broken for several months.  They can’t get it fixed and as I explained to Poor Andy this morning any manager with any insight into human nature whatsoever would have hauled that thing to the back until it DID get repaired.  Having it out there on the floor day after day, month after month where members can note its state of disrepair is a grinding reminder to all of us that she can’t get the job done.

Problems…like the ropes that have disappeared and never been replaced.  If you want to use the one rope that’s available you have to check it out at the front desk and if someone else is using it, well too bad for you.  Hundreds and hundreds of members and one measly rope.  It’s been months on end with ONE rope.

Problems….like the pins that don’t really fit into the machines they’re being used for.  They’re actually too small and tend to work themselves out. often right in the middle of your set.

Problems…like holes in the wall of the basketball court.  I guess that’s not really a problem in a functional capacity but it’s certainly ugly and when I’m driven in there by the heat in the rest of the gym to try to complete a workout (it’s a little cooler) I’m treated to that lovely sight.

It’s not that I’m lacking in compassion or experience in the challenges of being a manager.  I ran a private school for 16 years.  Parents paid a lot of money and rightfully had very high expectations of me and my program.  I myself, have had way too much experience with supply companies that don’t come through in a timely fashion and things like faulty plumbing/electrical wiring etc in aging, high use buildings.  I know to a great extent what these managers face.  I always told my staff that although we weren’t working in perfect circumstances we not only had an obligation to do the nuts and bolts part of our jobs but also to be cheerful, communicative and friendly.  When that’s all in place, things like cubbies that wobble, windows that stick, thermostats that don’t work or in The Blidiot’s case, broken calf machines, missing ropes and holes in the walls don’t bother people nearly as much.  It’s customer service 101…

Customer service 101.  Write that on your clipboard Blidiot!

As an aside, I do know that The Blidiot is leaving soon and I recently met The Bidiot (boy idiot) she’s being replaced by.    He actually gave me his name which is already an improvement and technically he hasn’t earned The Bidiot banner but as we’ve established I’m rather cranky today.  Working out in the center of what feels like the Devil’s playground will do that to a person….
Oh look, it's my gym!

Oh look, it’s my gym!  Want to workout?


10 responses

  1. Burning up the gym!!! I know whenever the AC doesn’t work at my gym people go BONKERS!!

    1. The heat has been SO awful. It’s still like that and I’ve been trying to get there very early so that the temp is below 90 degrees. It’s just hard for me to workout in the heat like that. I don’t think it would have been as much of a problem many years ago but now…

  2. Lol! You need to find a new spot girl before you lose it up in there hahaha.

    1. You’re telling me! It’s still not fixed but I’ve been able to get in very early these last days. That helps but by 9:00am it’s sweltering. Yuck. Hope, hope the air conditioning is repaired quickly!

  3. Oh my beautiful inferno engulfed spider monkey, I am sorry you are cranky. I am NOT however, sorry you are hot. I do hope that someone fixes the AC in your gym soon. You would think that is what the membership fees are for. Well when I open my gym, I promise it will have AC, many ropes, and the broken equipment will be removed and promptly fixed. Have a great weekend my beautiful spider monkey.

    1. Yes!! Your gym will be wonderful and nothing like my icky current HOT gym! Wish I could just cancel my membership and go elsewhere. It’s the only one that’s really convenient but much longer like this and I will find a new place. Hot monkeys are not happy monkeys! Hope you’re doing well these days. I know you work hard but try to get some fun and relaxation in too!

  4. I strive for your self confidence

    1. How about my silliness? I do have a good time and love being able to express myself on my blog. Hope you’re doing well these days!

  5. I love the apt complex gym we have. Its over 11,00 sq ft. Only problem? I think they’re cutting off the AC after 3 pm to cut costs. You see the condensation on the windows its so devil hot. It’s all gravy though since I already think I’m Ron Coleman the 90 degree temps makes me feel like its Metroflex.

    1. You’re a better man than I! I wilt in the heat. I’ve been trying to get to the gym very early so it’s not quite as bad but it really is awful. Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon!

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