Switching Gears

Well here we go!  Transition time is coming like a freight train down the track.  I was in a store yesterday and saw all the pretty yellow, red and orange decorations for fall.  On top of that the leaves are already turning on a couple of the trees in our neighborhood.  I have my youngest son’s back-to-school supplies purchased and in plastic bags for the meet and greet at the school on Friday.  Oh my!

It's that time of year

It’s that time of year

Summer flew by, as do all the seasons these days.  My workout routine was necessarily un-routine-like since the boys were out of school and had little interest in spending lots of their time at the gym waiting for mom to hurry up and finish.  Instead, we hiked, biked and went swimming.  I did lots of home workouts and got the gym when I could.  I didn’t miss my gym time too much since the lack of air conditioning made it intolerable most of the time.

Incidentally, because of the awful conditions in my gym, I called the manager to drop my membership.  I was offered two months for free so I took it with the idea that I’d workout elsewhere for a couple of months until the cooler weather arrived.  So far I’m still a member of The Inferno but I’ll have to make a final determination of whether to quit or stay over the next couple of months.

I’m looking forward to a return to my regular routine.  It was nice to be off of the strict schedule for a while but it’s also nice to be on one.  I’m thinking forward to all the food and extra calories around the holidays and how I’ll adjust my training to accommodate it.  My physique tends to look nice and muscular around that time.  I’ll lift intensely and eat big.  The result is more muscle mass which I love to see.  In the meantime, I’m appreciative of these hot, bright days that we still have on the menu…for a while.

Wishing all of you happy lifting, running or whatever it is you do to stay fit.  Enjoy these days.  Soon fall will be here full force!

Wishing all of you happy lifting, running or whatever it is you do to stay fit. I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine. Soon fall will be here full force!


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  1. Doctor, I hope your BTS has been a good experience and non eventful. Yes, one of the best times of the year, cooler air, football, leaves… And Cheers to back to a regular schedule, even if it takes a week or two! Eating and mass are always good for the fall, ay?

  2. You always look so fantastic. Love to see your smile 🙂

    1. Vinny! Thank you! Hope you’re having a great week. My sister is visiting with her children so it’s a busy, happy time at our house.

  3. Thanks for the update Doc. My gym is overcrowded and full of rude people with no gym eitiquette. I get tired of that too. I try to go real early so i can beat all the jerks.
    Glad you are getting your boys squared away for school. I know you will settle back into a good routine for yourself with the gym, thats your nature.
    all the best

    1. Oh no! An overcrowded gym isn’t fun. Mine gets that way in the afternoon and early evening but my schedule is set so I usually workout in the early morning. There are plenty of people there but it’s not too crowded at that time of day. I really am looking forward to my routine. Having a regular time is easier than trying to squeeze in workouts here and there! Hope these hot summer days are treating you well!!

  4. For what it is worth Doctor, my shoulders have turned me into more of a runner now than a lifter. And I have found my best times, my best runs and efforts are all when it is 50-60 degrees out side. If your body is not trying too hard to keep from over heating you can exert a lot more energy on the task at hand, yours being throwing some metal weights around. its nice to tough it out but you’ll perform better if you find a gym with some A/C. Youmay be able to pump a little bit harder yet!

    1. I know you’re right! My body especially doesn’t appreciate extra heat. It generates enough on it’s own. Working out in an oven doesn’t make for good workouts. I would have changed already but the gym I currently belong to is SO convenient for me. I drop the little one at school in the morning and then head directly there. It’s just a couple minutes away. Wish there were another one as close.

  5. It is that time of the year my beautiful spider monkey. I tend to reflect on how fast my children are growing. I am getting ready to move from this beautiful island. I am not sure what I am going to do, it has been three years since I have experienced weather below 70. I think I may perish…lol! You, well you look breathtaking as always..totally love the shoes (and those legs attached of course). I miss hearing from you and hope you have the most wonderful day. Yes, as always..I do adore you!

    1. Yes! The babies grow SO fast. It’s hard for me to believe my oldest is going to be a Sophmore in high school. Luckily although a he’s a little moody, he makes great grades, loves participating in sports and loves his mama!

  6. I just love the going back to school —fall is almost here season which means football is here! As for you my beautiful friend what can I say….. Okay being the shy kind of person I am lets just say that I enjoy each and every time you grace us with that heart-melting smile and your beautifully buffed physique. I look forward to your blogs and visits. UROCK Lynn!

    1. Matt! Good morning and thank you. Fall is my favorite time. I love the weather, the football, all the colors…and HALLOWEEN!! Hope you’re having a good week!

  7. Yes hard to believe school is back…wow you look fabulous Lynn…always have that gorgeous smile 🙂

    1. Thanks! We are headed into my favorite time of the year. Love football, cool nights and warm days, all the colors….yay!

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