Wanna Wrestle?

Yesterday was one of those days in the gym when I felt incredibly capable and strong.  I was pushing hard and challenging myself on every lift.  My music was on and doing it’s job.  I felt good, happy….and high.  There’s a certain feeling I get at times when I’m hitting on all cylinders and I can feel energy flowing through my whole being. It’s a beautiful feeling…almost too much to contain and keep to myself.  It makes me want to jump up on a bench and yell…a deep, guttural yell that I can conjure up in my imagination without a problem but could never actually give it into life the way I feel it.  It’s deep, low, loud, primal.  My own vocal cords couldn’t produce that sound but it’s sure in me and some moments it rises up and runs right below the surface of my being.

I don’t know what it’s like to be a man but I associate the feeling with what I think men might feel at times.  It makes me want to yell, yes, but it also makes me want to wrestle.  I want to test my mettle mano-a-mano.  Not a do or die match up or a fight,  I just want to roll around on the floor with someone…see if I can dominate them.  It’s times like this I scan the gym and think to myself,  Which one of these guys would I want to go up against?  Which one of these guys could I take?  It’s always the men that are the focus of my thoughts, never women. The odd thing is there have been times when I’ve been absolutely sure that were I male, I could win any match up in the place.

I remember when my oldest son was in the fifth grade.  He came walking down the street to meet me at the car after school and stopped to talk to some of his friends who were gathered on the lawn of a house on the corner.  I could see the group of about 8 boys very clearly from were I was parked. After a short conversation, the boys made a circle around my son and his buddy.  They all started chanting, either my son’s name or his friend’s while the two boys wrestled around in the center of the circle.  Neither my son or any of the other kids involved had issues or emotional problems.  They were just having fun seeing who was stronger.  The tussle was in no danger of turning into a real fight but another woman who was driving by stopped and yelled out the window for the boys to stop.  She told them she was going right in to tell the principal. The kids scattered in all directions leaving their match for another day.  When my son got in the car I asked him what motivated that particular meeting on the lawn.  He said he was trying to get his friend to play on his football team and he was showing him he was strong enough.

That’s the kind of physical contest I imagine…that good spirited wrestling that occurs often in the lives of boys and men.  I need a willing  partner. I need one who will proceed with the same spirit he’d approach a wrestling match with his little nephew or young son because as geeked up as I get I’m under no illusion that I can come anywhere near matching a man in strength. As a matter of fact when I was a kid I had a skinny, weak looking male friend who could probably still pin me if he was eating pizza, working on his car and talking on the phone all at the same time.

I'd make quite the formidable opponent, don't you think?

Here I am…all 5’1, 110lbs of me. I’d make quite the formidable opponent, don’t you think?

Now how can I arrange this?  I guess I could put a help wanted sign up in the gym.  After all it’s those great workouts that make me feel this way.  I don’t walk around all the time wanting to pit myself against people.  It never happens at the grocery store, park or the theatre, just the gym.  I can imagine it now…


WANTED:  One kind-hearted, physically adept, capable male for spirited play.  Must have great powers of judgement and restraint. Sense of humor necessary. Must be willing to be bull-rushed occasionally by a little woman in a pink skirt and black hat (that’s what I was wearing at the gym yesterday).

Think I’ll have any takers??


30 responses

  1. You know I can’t accept your offer. One of my many flaws is common sense, and I can picture myself looking up at the ceiling and asking myself what made you think you could beat her?????? Be Blessed Lynn : )

    1. Hi Mess! Ah…I don’t think I’d be a very good wrestler but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to give it a try!

  2. A mano-a-mano fun and spirited match with you would be delightful. I am only 145 pounds, small for a guy. But I am lean and muscular – just like you. It would be a fun way to get a strenuous workout, work up a sweat, and test our strength and endurance. I wish there were more women who shared your perspective on this. Great post.

    1. Thank you! I sure think it would be fun to wrestle a bit. I often get the urge when I’m working out hard. I get that rush of energy that would be put to good use on the mat!

  3. Now did you really think any of the guys that read your post would turn down a chance like that. LOL As we all close are eyes and picture it in are head.

    1. Lol….I love the gym highs you get when you’re pushing hard. It’s such a nice reward and feels SO good! When it hits I really do feel like I could give anyone a run for their money! Happy Monday!

  4. Oh my beautiful little spider monkey, I wear gear that weighs more than you do. It would be rather funny….you coming at me and me holding your head so you can’t reach! Though spider monkeys are rather quick, maybe you would just run around me until I go dizzy and fell to the ground. We do combatives and I rolled with this Army girl that had some pretty good skills on the mat. Don’t sell yourself short, I know how strong you are and there are a LOT of dudes that couldn’t hang with the weight you can throw around. Happy Weekend and as always…I do adore you!

    1. Hiya ‘licious!! You wear gear that weighs more than me? Stop it with that sexy talk! Lol Monkeys love big, strong men. Happy Monday over there. Bet you’re busy but I hope you had a little time to relax and enjoy the weekend.

  5. LOL! Like who would turn down your challenge! I would win even if if I lost 🙂 Great blog Lynn. Keep doing your thing as you do it well.

    1. I’m a goof! I have to say that those gym highs make me feel invincible. I LOVE that feeling. It’s one of those side benefits that’s hard to describe to someone who’s never exercised. Happy Monday Matt!!

  6. Gotta love those days when the mind and body feel invincible. If you can’t find the right opponent for your wrestling match let me know. I’m game. You might want to swap that pink skirt out for something a little more intimidating:)

    1. A volunteer…YAY! Thank you. I think you’re right about the pink skirt. I’ll wear my black one. That would definitely be intimidating to an opponent!

  7. You can always make the guy wear a blindfold to give you a little advantage, even tie his feet together .

    1. I like the way you think…even up those odds a little!

  8. I know what you mean, you want to tee it up and see what the other person has. And if your ‘kung fu’ and training is better. Now, I see I am at the end of the line here in signing up (lol), hey, I’m kind-hearted and have signs of restraint. So when you go head to head with these others remember part of wrestling is strength and part is balance. ..I was a wrestler in High school so I could show you some moves too. 🙂 We even had one called the Saturday Night. I’ll let your imagination wander with that. Do any of your boys wrestle? It was easily the best sport to play in HS. Oh, and before you make excuses when I whop your butt (you would literally crush me if you messed with my shoulders) I have to tell you I have at least one ‘spirited’ wrestling match at least every day, up to and including body slams, with another feisty young lady so I am ready for ya. Although she weighs about half as much as you and is about 16 grades behind you in her education. ~ Great post Doctor! 🙂

    1. Yeah, yeah! My kung fu training! Made me laugh. I do get that wonderful gym high that makes me feel like I could take on anybody. Love that feeling. Saturday Night sounds intriguing to me! My older son wrestled for one season when he was in first grade. He was good but didn’t like it. At that time he couldn’t stand losing and he had one loss that made him furious. He wanted to quit right then and there but I insisted he finish out the season, which he did. He wouldn’t do it the next year. Bet your young lady has such fun wrestling with you!

      1. Lynn MD, OMG she is relentless! I taught her a good hearted body slam and now she dives at me from off the foot stool, the fifth step on the stairs, her bed, my bed. Phew! ~the Saturday night…involves getting your opponent on their back, tying up thier legs up so they can’t escape and shoulders up over their head to stretch them to the mat. I’m not making it up. Good luck in your quest Conan! 🙂

      2. I think I like that Saturday Night move! Just the description of the wrestling match itself sounds like great fun. As an aside, did you know that it was the illustrations by Boris Vallejo on the cover of the paperback Conan books that heavily influenced my interest in bodybuilding? He always painted very strong, muscular women and I loved his artwork.

      3. But you being one not to lay still are you on top using the move or on the bottom getting pinned? Have a great weekend Ms.Lynn!

  9. Rock on Doc! Keep gettin fired up.

    1. Hiya! I do love those gym highs that I get. I feel invincible….great feeling!

  10. Most definately. Where does the line start….lol

    1. Sounds like great fun to me! New rule for you…you can only use your arms. I KNOW how strong your legs are. Lol! Happy Monday!

  11. I would accept the challenge lol…would not care if I lost to a beautiful person like yourself my friend

    1. Well, you definitely wouldn’t lose but it sure sounds fun during those gym-high moments!!

  12. Me, me, me, me!!!!! Good reading…!

    1. Lets do this, 2 out of 3 falls….LOL

      1. Woo hoo! A volunteer! I love it. Happy Monday to you!

    2. Ha! Happy Monday and thank you. It’s funny how those endorphins affect me at the gym. Makes me laugh when I start imagining pouncing on someone!

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