Back In The Saddle

Got some movement in the right direction.  I've leaned out a bit after a wonderful summer of indulgence

Got some movement in the right direction. I’ve leaned out a bit after a wonderful summer of indulgence

I’m happy to report that my efforts in the gym and focus on my nutritional intake since returning from my summer trip to South Africa has paid off.  Instead of being a little jiggly (which I was when I returned..and which I rightfully earned with my lack of exercise and eating with a shovel)  I’ve managed  to firm it up and return to my normal non-wiggly self.

This was accomplished with a two-pronged approach.  I returned to my workouts with a new intensity.  The time off gave me a chance to regroup and rest my joints.  When I got back to lifting I felt refreshed and very strong.  I particularly focused on my shoulder and bicep development and began a routine in which I purposefully overtrained them for a few weeks, then took one week completely off shoulder/bicep training.  Now I’m back to the overtraining three-week block.  I also made sure to get my cardio in, not enough to burn up the muscle I was trying to build/hold but enough to remove the little layer of fluff that had taken up residence under my skin.  I generally kept my cardio sessions to 30 minutes each time I hit the weights (and will continue this for a few weeks longer).  I’ve learned not to do too much cardio even though I want to when I’m trying to lean out.  It’s hard to stop myself from doing just that but I know from experience it makes me unpleasantly skinny by eating up the muscle I work so hard for.

I didn’t do anything radical with my diet, I simply moved away from eating those treats I’d been allowing myself.  The potato chips, cheese and fatty meats were removed  and I increased my vegetable intake (particularly the dark green, leafy variety).  The added veggies were to keep me from getting hungry  and helped me resist the Sirens’ song of the chips I love so much.  I admit I have had pizza a few times but I kept it to one piece instead of the whole pie.  That’s where the veggies came in handy.  I got to feel full AND have a little treat.

A little attention to my output in the gym and to my nutritional needs makes all the difference in how I look.

People often ask me how I stay lean year around and I tell them that it’s the small changes  that make the difference in the way your physique looks.  The first step is to avoid letting things get out of hand.  Big swings in weight (fat to muscle ratio) are hard to manage but small swings are easy to correct.  A little attention to what goes in your mouth and a little increase in intensity in workouts goes a long way.

Me and my American flag bikini.

Me and my new American flag bikini.


16 responses

  1. Hello Dr.

    South Africa? Wow!!! You look spectacular. Glad to see you are healthy and well.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. South Africa was a trip of a lifetime for me. It was WONDERFUL. I knew I would like it but I never anticipated just how much. I would like to go back one day but I’m very grateful I got there at least once!

  2. Never seen a flag look that good. God bless America.

    1. Thank you, thank you! I bought the bikini to wear to the beach/pool but it turns out it’s just for lounging in, not really swimming. The top likes to pop down now and then. I guess I’ll have to get another one that ties so that it’ll stay up!

  3. I am thought I was the only gym rat who can eat a pie in one sitting. I don’t think your “off season” is as extreme as you’re leading on but I totally agree to not let things get outta hand. Losing 5 is always easier then losing 20 lbs.

    1. Nope! I can eat with the best of them! There are times I get SO hungry especially after leg day. My body just wants to refuel and loves those extra calories. When I was on vacation I wasn’t exercising much so I’m not sure why I was so hungry. I can tell you, the pizza sure was delicious!!

  4. Awesome blog. Your last paragraph is spot on! As for the pics…….it’s warm milk time for me 🙂 Beautiful on the inside as well as the outside….Happy Wednesday:)

    1. Hi Matt!! Happy Friday and thank you! My neighbors probably wonder what’s wrong with me when I’m prancing around outside by myself in a bikini. Oh well…it’s MY yard! Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  5. Good stuff doc….good info.
    i left BB site again.
    i stay in touch with you here.
    enjoy your posts

    1. I went to your profile to leave a note and saw that you were gone. I’m glad we can stay in touch here and I’m delighted that you like my silly blog. It’s a good thing I have a place to express myself…always have an opinion. Lol

  6. DAMN Dr! 🙂

    1. Hi! Happy Friday over there. Gym time is going well. I have to keep myself together so I can wear that new bikini around!

  7. Love it….you look flawless in the US bikini young lady

    1. Artie! Thank you. I like that bikini but I think it’s going to have to stay home. The top likes to pop down at inopportune times. Lol…can’t imagine what would happen if it met a wave. Well, yes I can…

      1. The waves would say danggggg it’s amazing lol

  8. I’m happy to see you are back! Keep it up, I know you can 😉

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