Everybody knows that good staff can make or break a patron’s gym experience.  The staff includes everyone hired by the company in the building…front desk people, managers, trainers and even janitors. They all contribute to the way paying customers feel about being there.  It’s hard enough for most people to carve out the time and gather the energy to come in.  When the staff is friendly and knowledgeable it makes it that much more palatable.  I’m entirely self motivated and tend not to have problems making myself show up but I’m always happier in a friendly environment.  Luckily for me the current crop of trainers at my gym create just that.  They work diligently helping people meet their fitness goals and they do it with a great attitude.  I train myself so I don’t use their services but I know if I should need help with anything I can call on them.

Look!  I have Superman, Ironman and Captain America for back up!  What more could I ask for?

Look! I have Superman, Ironman and Captain America for back up! What more could I ask for?

After a very strenuous leg day I had to call in the big gunz.  Take me to the sushi bar...that will help me recover!

After a very strenuous leg day I had to call in the big gunz. Take me to the sushi bar…that will help me recover!


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  1. Hey Lynn,

    Glad to see you are training hard and still having fun. You look awesome as always. Hope all is well with you and your family.


    1. Things are busy and wonderful all at the same time. I bet you know what I mean. The boys are back in school and very happy (except for the homework part). I’m enjoying my return to routine at the gym. I’m working hard to make these little muscles pop!

  2. You look like you had so much fun with them. Iron Man didn’t look too thrilled though.

    1. Those guys are very nice and all of them have a great attitude. I’ve seen some awful trainers in my time but they really know what they’re doing. I’m not exactly sure why they dressed up…they always do for Halloween, but it was good fun.

  3. Its the Justice League! yea, the trainers at my gym are all college age and half are probably smaller than you. Great pics Doc. Have a great weekend!

    1. Most of our trainers are pretty young but not all. I think it’s hard to earn a living being a trainer especially in a chain gym. A lot of them just do it for a while then move on to something more lucrative. Thank you for the weekend wishes. I had a wonderful few days. Hope you did too!

  4. Darling Dr Lynn,
    You are a beautiful specimen and I never realized how petite you truly are! I could be wrong; maybe the super trainers in your photograph are giants? No matter you are as beautiful as always to me and I appreciate your post. I’d love to take you out for sushi someday. Until then: eat clean, train hard, rest and continue to be the beautiful you that you are. God bless you!


    1. Those guys are enormous! Lol…and I’m small. It makes for a funny photo. They look like Superheroes and I look like a puny human! Thank you for your sweet note and happy Tuesday!

  5. You are lucky..Most ot the trainers at my gym are young and probably took an on line course to become a trainer. They have clients doing crazy stuff…most don’t last long. My wife does have a good trainer..but he can tend to get a little crazy too. If you have a good trainer that takes into consideration your body and your age and your body are lucky indeed.

    1. Oh believe me, I’ve seen some real doozies in my time. The guys in the photos do an excellent job but there used to be a nutbag trainer I knew who would have old people stand on one of those bosu balls and try things like overhead presses. I always held my breath anticipating a disaster. She’s also have them trying to hop up on to benches that were waaaay to high for them. It’s a wonder none of them broke their necks!

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