No, You’re Not Too Old (Knock It Off And Listen To My Mother)!

There are times when someone will remark that they feel reluctant to start working out because they think they might be too old.  They wonder if it’s worth the trouble and if they really can effect the kind of change they’d like.  I understand the sentiment and the worry that maybe the time for action has passed but there is another, much better way to illuminate the issue which leads directly to the conclusion that it’s never too late in life to start improving your fitness level.

First step

I’ll tell you an illustrative story.  My mother was a chemist.  She got her degree back in the days when women were discouraged from seeking degrees let alone careers in the hard sciences. She worked as a researcher in Infectious Diseases at UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) for 30 years.  She had a long, interesting career investigating Legionnaires Disease, Trachoma  and AIDS (she was around in the early days when the first cases were just being identified and the cause/methods of transmission were still a mystery).

As it got closer to her time for retirement she decided that although she was content to leave UCSF she wasn’t ready to stop working.  She applied for admission to a local university that had courses designed for working adults and proceeded to pursue an accounting degree.  Just about the time she’d made it halfway to graduation I overheard a conversation she was having with a friend.  Her friend was asking her why she was going for another degree when she wasn’t a young woman and it was going to take her a full five years to complete the coursework.  She replied “So what?  Time is going to pass no matter what I do.  The only question is if I’ll be five years older with an accounting degree or five years older without one.”

Now what can you say to that?  She was right.  Nobody can stop time.  We will get older, no doubt about it.  The real question is what you want to accomplish in life.  If you truly want to get fit at 40, 50, 60 or 70 then start moving in that direction.  Realistically, you may not be able to achieve a physique like Cory Everson at her best but you’ll no doubt be closer than you are at the start of your journey.  Just like every other goal you want to meet in life, you have to put in effort to make it happen.  Being of advanced age is not a good excuse.  It’s just a way to make yourself feel better about avoiding the inevitable work you have to put in, but ask yourself…in 5 years do you want to be older and more fit or older and less fit?  The choice is entirely in your hands.

*Despite being 60 years old by the time she graduated, my mother got her accounting degree and despite conventional wisdom that says companies won’t hire older people she earned a coveted position at a major accounting firm in San Francisco.  She taught me by example that although age, race and gender sometimes create barriers, you must NEVER use them as an excuse not to push forward.  Doing so simply means you’ve defeated yourself.  Doing so means your own mind crippled your chances before the world ever put a single stumbling block in your path.*


My mother taught me lots of great things and best of all she taught by example!  Here we are when I was just a wee girl...

My mother taught me lots of great things and best of all she taught by example! Here we are when I was just a wee girl…


19 responses

  1. I finally see after all this time where you got so beautiful from. I forgot I could visit you here!!! Man, old age is catching up to me. Be Blessed Lynn 🙂

    1. Aw thank you Mess! My mom was a wonderful women. I was really lucky to have both my parents. They were incredible!

    2. Yes, you can always find me here going on about something or another! Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

  2. I love that picture with our Mom. Thanks for sharing it! She’s a great example in many ways it seems. Good for both of you!

    1. Ah…my mom was great! I was lucky to have her (and my dad). Good parents are a gift from God…invaluable, just like I know you are to your baby!

  3. Great message ,Lynn.You inspire me in more ways than one,besides being beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much! I sure hope you had a wonderful weekend! I spent some time in the mountains and it was so beautiful there. Happy Monday!

  4. Moms always know best.

    1. I keep telling my boys that very thing! Happy Monday to you…wishing you a great week ahead. I wish I was a publisher…I’d twist your arm into working with me to make a book out of your blog!

      1. Thank very much for the compliment. I’m thrilled just to know that people like you are reading and enjoying (as much as war can be, anyway). Sheri deGrom has gotten a VA psychiatrist interested in my site as well, using it to get the vets in his care talking. It’s really things like that that make me grin from ear to ear.

  5. Such a cute baby and still are 😃

    1. Artie, I could not have said it better myself. Lynn we sure can tell the apple does not fall far from the tree 🙂 Beautiful pic, simply beautiful. Great blog too.

      1. Hi Matt!! I like that photo of my mom and I. She passed away when I was 28 but she’s still with me in so many ways! Happy Monday!

    2. Why thank you! I was a little mischievous too! Hmmmm….just like now! Happy Monday over there!

  6. It is awesome how the things are parents say or teach us stay with us forever!!!

    1. I agree. My mom died when I was 28 (I’m 49 now) and I can still hear her say things as plain as day! Glad you stopped by and left me a note. Hope you have a great week!

      1. Welcome, and hope you do the same!!

  7. Awesome! Well, said!

    1. Thanks and happy Monday to you. Hope you had a great weekend. I did…had some time to hang out in the mountains. It was SO nice!

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