Halloween Hijinks

I love fall.  I love Halloween.  I don’t always dress up but when I do I usually go as a witch.  I wonder what that says about me?  Perhaps it’s my inner self showing on the outside.  When I was a little girl I played alone for long hours in my backyard.  Once in a while I would pretend to be a princess but mostly I pretended to be a witch.  I busied myself creating all manner of potions (mostly composed of mud and various flowers) and thinking about how to do healing spells.  I can’t really say what that was all about but I’ll bet a good psychologist could have fun analyzing it…and while said psychologist is hard at work trying to decipher the meaning of the whole thing, I’ll be getting out my black nail polish and my pointy black hat for some holiday fun!

Image 5

If you remember, the poor blow up pumpkin that used to be on my front lawn was lost this year to a fierce wind storm.  Now it appears that another part of my outdoor Halloween display is under attack.  The neighborhood critters have been feasting on my decorations!  A couple of days ago I noticed that one of the pumpkins in my graveyard had some gnaw marks on it.

Something has been eating my pumpkin's face!

Something has been eating my pumpkin’s face!

The next day I looked and things had taken quite a sinister turn.

Oh dear!  This pumpkin now has a big hole in his head and his brain is scattered all over the lawn!

Oh dear! This pumpkin now has a big hole in his head and his “brain” is scattered all over the lawn!

Now how’s that for a Halloween scene?  Yesterday afternoon I noticed that things had gone from bad to worse!

Image 9

Oh well!  My neighborhood is now full of big, fat, well fed squirrels!  While the squirrels play eat-the-pumpkins outside, I’ll just have fun playing witch inside!

Little Halloween witch

Little Halloween witch

Wishing all of you a wonderful start to the week, and of course a very happy Halloween!  Just a few more days to wait…


27 responses

  1. I love the costume, as must have the trick or treaters that night. 😉

  2. Doctor, I love it. You look incredible as always. Keep up the good work and stay encouraged.

    1. Hi Derek! Thank you so much. I do like to ham it up! Delighted that you stopped by. You’re one of my favorite bodybuilding friends…always encouraging and kind! Hmmmm….sure wish some nice, handsome man would post a photo with an American Flag for me. Oh, did you know it’s my birthday??

  3. Why are my responses showing up???? I miss you beautiful spider monkey!

    1. Oh…NICE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. My beautiful spider monkey…oh lord how I have missed you! I see that all is well and good. Sorry I haven’t been around, the Army has had me pretty busy lately. Hopefully, I will be back for a minute or two. Gym has been sporadic, but I still have been working out daily. You are looking fantastic and I am loving those shoes as well!

    1. Hi Lish!! Glad you popped up. I’m always so happy to hear from you. The shoes, the shoes! You always notice. I’m gathering quite a collection of “sitting-only” footwear. Spider monkeys can’t walk worth a darn in those things but sure can sit on a pretty chair and preen with the best of them! Where is my tea? Where are the bon-bons?

  5. Lynn, well done as usual. Do you make the costumes?

    1. Thank you! I don’t make them but I scour websites that sell very inexpensive sale shoes/bathing suits. When they have an extra percentage off promotion I buy with the upcoming holidays in mind. There are times I’ve gotten a great pair of shoes for less than $7.00!

      1. Awesome! I know you collect the army stuff but the costumes are unique, wasn’t sure. Either way you look fab as always

  6. Hi Lynn! You Look Beautiful like always! I like the pictures. Very classy and very sexy! You have a Hot Body! Happy Halloween Lynn 🙂

    1. Thank you!! I’ve been having a good time in the gym. I found a nice woman to workout with occasionally. I wasn’t sure how I’d like it but it’s been a nice change. Happy Tuesday!

  7. Wow,you’ve got me under your spell,I’ll sample your potions,&even ride the broom with you.Hoping you have a fab Howlloween!As always Lynn,you take my breath away!

    1. Hi! Happy Tuesday to you. Glad you enjoyed the post. I do believe I’m a ham…I sure have a good time though!

  8. I’ll pass on your potions, but your picture sure has me under a spell. My opinion of witches has changed thanks to you!

    1. Aw…thank you! Sending you wishes for a bright, happy day!

  9. Now that I have finally gotten over those BSC (beautiful, sexy and classy) pics I want to say you look amazing and you deserve to have some treats too (no not protein bars). Thanks for starting my week off with a big lasting smile I even forget that team lost a heart breaker yesterday. Have a super week Beautiful Lynn.

    1. Yes, yes! Treats! You are a kind and wise friend! Poor Cowboys…sorry about that. Next week’s game will be better!

  10. Yes, I want some chocolate covered you in my Trick or Treat bag! Great Great pics Dr. Lynn!

    1. Thank you! Bodybuilding has turned me into a ham…I sure have a lot of fun however. Sending you wishes for a fantastic day!

      1. You look like you are having fun my friend. You have a special gift(s)! And may your day be great as well…

  11. You continue to inspire me with your Beauty and costume themes. You are the definition of Strong and Sexy!

    1. Hi and happy Tuesday! Thank you so much…I’m silly, that’s for sure. Glad you like my nonsense!

  12. Stunning and Beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I’m keeping up with my program…no slacking (although I sure enjoy my weekend treats)!

  13. Dang Lynn you look hot and stunning physique omg…great job

    1. Thank you SO much! I have been having a good time with my workouts lately. I found a friend to workout with occasionally and it’s been great fun!

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