Veteran’s Day 2013


Yesterday I stopped by one of my favorite friend’s page.  I left him a deeply meaningful and incredibly wise note as usual (having to do with what snack foods I’m currently craving) and I wished him a good Veteran’s Day in advance.  I told him that I don’t need any sort of special day to remember our veterans, that I carry gratitude in my heart every single day.  That’s just true. I’m delighted that there is a day of national recognition however.  It focuses people’s attention and hopefully the public celebration leaves some lingering appreciation in the hearts of those who don’t know or understand what it means to serve…what it means to be willing to offer yourself up to something bigger than the preservation/protection of a single life (your own).

It’s that willingness that I so admire and celebrate.  All through American history good men have stepped forward, giving of their time, their comfort, their peace of mind and potentially their  lives as payment for the price of freedom.  They are who stands between darkness and our ability to live out the credo “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

In absolute terms they are the treasure of our country.  They are where the wealth of America springs from.  That’s not an exaggeration.  Without them, America is just a lovely idea that could never really be.  From the sailor who stands in the cold scraping and painting the ship for the 100th time, to the administrative assistant, to the cook, to the pilot, to the special operator – every single one of them is worthy of our thanks and praise.

God bless our veterans and God bless America!


5 responses

  1. I apologize for getting behind in my reading – life keeps getting in the way of my computer time. (Such nerve!LOL)

    1. Oh my goodness! I’m incredibly honored that you EVER stop by my little blog. I sure enjoy reading all of your posts. I told you before that if I were a publisher I’d try and twist your arm to compile your work into a book. Really appreciate your scholarship and the way your present your pieces. They’re incredibly well done. So glad I stumbled upon your site!

      1. Your compliments and enthusiasm are overwhelming and I appreciate them.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this, thank you!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! Hope you’re having a great day.

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