Between A Rock And A Hard Place (Or My Best Workout Ever)

Today, November 14th 2013,  was a banner day in terms of energy put into my workout.  It started out normal enough but my energy output soon exceeded all previous levels of maximum output.

Why you ask?  There I was happily listening to my music and enjoying my time on the elliptical machine, warming up for my lifting when whose face should pop up on one of the bank of TV’s in the cardio area? It was Nancy Pelosi.  She was announcing what the President was going to say in a later speech regarding proposed changes to Obamacare to aid those who have had their insurance policies cancelled in spite of the fact they were promised that they could keep their plans repeatedly (approximately 30 times in speeches given by the President).  During her prepared remarks, she ventured off topic (not off script) to include her plans to have some meetings to see what could be done to aid the Philippines after that immensely powerful typhoon hit just last week.  She added remarks about how much America appreciates the veterans from the Philippines and the contributions they’ve made to our country.

At that point I could feel heat start at the base of my spine and run right up my backbone to my head.  You see,  I’m a writer.  Not necessarily a good one but I sure understand the craft.  I know that when speeches like this are given, every word is in place for a reason.  It’s carefully constructed to present information to the public in a particular way.  Images are invoked to stir passions in a certain direction.

Nancy Pelosi (and her speech writers) know that Obamacare is a disaster in terms of how it rolled out and they are concerned that the problems with the website are creating a delay which will give even more of the population time to consider if this is actually the way we want to go with our healthcare system.  They know that when people become frustrated with the ridiculous sign up process (and the surprising cost of the plans for many who thought they were going to get something for free)  they will begin to question the whole thing so Nancy’s writers created a speech in which they attempted to portray a caring and compassionate leadership that understands the plight of those who find themselves on the losing end of this healthcare deal.  She positioned herself as their advocate and the administration as savior.

Then, in order to cement the imagery of the administration as the helpful savior of the people, her writers linked her remarks on healthcare to her desire to stem the suffering of the people in the Philippines and then went further to link it all with her love and appreciation for our veterans (many Filipinos fought under the American flag in WWII and we have plenty of current military members who trace their ancestry back to the Philippines).

I wanted to scream…right there on the elliptical machine!  What a load of hogwash.  Politicians will use anything and everything to manipulate their listeners including tapping into the deep, patriotic spirit that runs through so many American citizens.  It makes me sick to watch them try to use the very real gratitude extended to our veterans for their own ends.

Remember, just a while ago we had the government shutdown and the administration she represents instructed the park service to drag barriers over and surround the open air monuments honoring World War II veterans and Vietnam veterans to keep them from getting close to them.  They did this knowing full  well that groups of 90 plus year old World War II veterans were coming for long-planned visits to these monuments.  During that SAME TIME she hosted a rally for a group representing illegal immigrants on that “closed” national mall.  During her opening remarks there she thanked the President for allowing the rally to go on.  No visits for our vets who sacrificed so greatly to build a country that people the world over want to come to…but sure, hundreds of folks who have cut in line, circumventing American law and those who go through proper channels…they can have their rally.  Not only can they have the rally, Nancy Pelosi will speak at that rally.  I will NEVER forget that so listening to her evoke appreciation for our veterans in her presentation was positively infuriating.

Yes, I was infuriated…and the good side of that is that I was able to generate all kinds of extra energy for my cardio session.  Had I been on solid ground, I would have been on top of a fourteener by the time I was done!

Had I started out at the bottom of this 14,000 ft mountain at the start of my cardio session you can darn sure bet I'd have ended up at the top!

Had I started out at the bottom of this 14,000 ft mountain at the start of my cardio session you can darn sure bet I’d have ended up at the top!

After finishing my cardio I hopped off the machine and headed over to the weight area.  My intention was to train hamstrings and calves and my first stop was a hamstring machine.  I was sitting there getting ready to go and looked to my left.  MOTHER OF GOD!  It was him!  It was the sandy-haired, blue-eyed 30-something year old man wearing his shirt with the Communist star on it.  Mind you, I was already hot under the collar from being abraded by Nancy Pelosi’s nonsense and here was this moron who loves to strut around the gym in either his Chairman Mao, or Communist star shirt.

(In case you don’t know Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward ended in absolute catastrophe resulting in the deaths of 18 million-45 million people.  The Great Leap Forward motivated one of the most terrible mass killings in all of human history)

I had to ask God for serenity.

I didn’t quite get there.   I still had all manner of less-than-serene thoughts running through my mind but I very successfully channeled some of my  disgust into my training.  Red hot internal temperature goes a long way to power big lifts.

Give me a few more days in the gym like today and soon I’ll be looking like this!

Yep!  A few more workouts like the one I had today and I'll look JUST like this!

Yep! A few more workouts like the one I had today and I’ll look JUST like this!


14 responses

  1. Lynn!

    Holy cow…that was outstanding and pretty well sums up my feelings when old Pelosi opened her yapper. Its all about diversion and obfuscation and the Affordable Health Care law is neither about being affordable or even really health care…more like control.
    As far as the writing goes, as a history grad/grad student on hold and one who loves the written word, I’d say that you aren’t too shabby ma’am. In fact you are VERY good. Between what you had to say and how you said it I think I love ya! 😉

    1. Oh and this is your Scot buddy from! Forgot to say that before although you might have gotten that from the history comment. I ought to collaborate with you when I ever DO get around to those book ideas I’m kicking around.

      1. I was delighted to get your comment. Thank you for the compliment on my writing by the way. Yes, yes, your book. That’s a very exciting prospect. I’d love to talk about any aspect of the process. Who knows if I’d actually have anything significant to contribute but I sure love to talk about writing/editing/organizing/reading!

    2. Hi! I’m so happy you stopped in to see me. I do try not to drag the old soapbox out from under the bed too often on this blog but you know, sometimes I can’t help myself. Plus, that truly was a crazy high-energy workout. I’ve never taken a pre-workout supplement but If those things have an effect anything like that speech and Communist Boy, my goodness, I’ve been missing out!

  2. u have every right to feel that way doc, but I guess we served so those idiots can do so. u got had an awesome work out

    1. Yeah…I’m eternally grateful that we live in a place where we have the right to free speech. In this case, it lets me know who to avoid. Lol…and you’re right, I did get a great workout that day! Happy Sunday…hope your week gets off to a very nice start!

  3. Ex military here as you know. I still say you haven’t lived until you’ve been shot at wearing a BDU. Couple of things, there was a Philippine American War. Brutal stuff. Helping out after a distaster is the least we could do. I won’t get into politics or demagoguery but the point of our would be Leninist (or maybe he was a fan of rage against the machine) is that the great thing about this country is the freedom being able to wear whatever you like without prosecution. Of course this right has to be earned, which is maybe what you’re getting at. Lastly, that’d be one hell of a transformation!

    1. Hi…good morning. As I said in my piece, I’m not necessarily a good writer. My intention was not to convey any kind of displeasure in our efforts to help the people of the Philippines. On the contrary, I think it’s the right and decent thing to do as fellow human beings. My intention was to de-construct Pelosi’s speech to illustrate how particular elements are brought together in order to guide the listener to have a desired reaction to said speech. I was contrasting her stated “great respect for our veterans” with her recent actions during the government shutdown and her obvious lack of concern for veterans at that time. To me her actions speak volumes and contrast mightily with her spoken words. As for the dude who wears the Chairman Mao and Communist star shirts, I was not advocating any type of persecution of him. He has every right to wear those shirts, just as I have every right to be disgusted and offended by it. Freedom of speech means you can express your thoughts in speech and writing, espouse unpopular views or wear your pro-Communist shirts if you want to. It does not mean I have to accept those words/images with open arms. I think if I’d been able to compose my blog entry more skillfully my thoughts would have been more clear. I must keep honing my craft! Glad you stopped by to see me!

  4. Your analysis of SanFran Nan is obviously spot on. But I find your ability to illustrate it captivating. More importantly I totally dig your ability to channel your “less-than-serene thoughts” into an awesome workout. It really shows on your beautiful physique!

    1. Hi! I sure wasn’t pleased when listening to her speech. I guess I should thank her for helping give me a supercharged gym session!

  5. I have a running friend who on occasion is lagging behind so a conversation about politics or the ex spouse is a sure way to get her into another gear. Too bad we can’t bottle that type of rhetoric and sell it like an energy drink or maybe play it on the ipod during a workout:)

    1. Oh! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?? We’d sure be rich if we could bottle that extra kick in the pants! The idea made me laugh…thanks for the grin!

  6. Thank you Lynn,if the rest of the U.S. would wake up & get infuriated maybe we could get something done! I’m not going to say what I think of Pelosi,or the President .

    1. Yesterday was one of those times when forces converge to raise frustration levels to new heights. Luckily I have great, positive ways to channel my extra energy!

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