You Gotta Show Up

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Well this kind of says it all.  Isn’t this the basic philosophy of all gym rats  successful fitness enthusiasts?  As I was going into the gym the other day I ran into a friend of mine coming out.  He told me he had been having a difficult time getting to the gym that morning.  He just didn’t feel like showing up but he’d dragged himself in anyway.  I asked him if he was sorry that he’d made that decision (knowing what the answer would be).  He answered that he felt great.  He was very glad he’d made it in and was energized and feeling strong now that his workout was over.

That’s the way it always is for me.  There are plenty of times when I just have to grit my teeth and drag myself in the door.  Some days the getting there is the hardest part of my workout but I can tell you one thing.  I’ve never, ever regretted my decision to go to the gym.

Like the old saying goes, showing up is half the battle, and no where is that more true than in the pursuit of your goals in the gym.  No show, no benefit.  It’s as simple as that.



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  1. I just wrote about this about “Showing Up.” Great minds think alike. 🙂

    1. Yes, yes! Great minds! Glad you stopped in and I sure hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I’m always eating big at this time of year and I put a little extra effort into my lifting to help use up the calories in a positive way. Wishing you a lovely afternoon!

  2. Great post Lynn. Luv ya girl.

    1. Thank you, thank you! That’s on of my favorite motivational posters. I just like the way that guy is sitting there. I know that feeling…resigned and determined at the same time.

  3. So…you work out huh?

    1. I work out (sexy and I know it)! Ha…know those lyrics? I seem to remember hopping around in a pool in Mexico doing water aerobics to that song. Hiya Licious!

      1. That is awesome…I was hoping you were going to catch that reference. Hiya beautiful Spider Monkey! I hope all is well and thanks for honoring my request…it is amazing! Bigger than I thought, but it looks great on you!

  4. Exactly how I feel too!! I always drag myself there no matter what, and I never regret it!!

    1. It’s something that took me a while to learn but after many years I realized that I ALWAYS felt better when I went and did a workout whether I wanted to beforehand or not! Glad you stopped by!

  5. You must have ESP! I can truly relate and thanks for the “boost”. I’m heading to the gym right now. UROCK Lynn:)

    1. YES! I have ESPN! Lol, I mean ESP. I know you know all about showing up even when you don’t really want to. You always feel great when you leave and never regret pushing yourself to go.

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