New Toy

I do a lot of dips as part of my exercise program.  I especially like the way they work my triceps but as an added bonus they do a good job working my chest muscles too.  I just found a product that will allow me to do triceps at home more efficiently.  It’s an attachment for my much used pull up bar that makes it easy to get in some good, deep dips in whenever I want to.

Here is another of my very professional, high quality videos demonstrating my fabulous new toy!


7 responses

  1. Great video Lynn, and yes… do make wonderful videos

  2. Lynn you are so gorgeous:) Okay now that I got my focus back your device is awesome. Not sure if my door frame could handle my weight….lol. Wishing you wonderful day Beautiful Lynn. Keep rockin it:)

    1. Hi! I did have visions of making holes in the wall or breaking my door frame when I first got the pull up bar. It seems pretty sturdy and I’ll bet it could handle your weight. Not so sure about the dip attachment. It says it’s weight rated for 250lbs but who knows. It’s a fairly light piece of equipment. Happy Friday Beautiful Matt!

  3. Reblogged this on LifeBuildingBlocks and commented:
    I’m always nervous I’ll break the whole door frame! But it looks like a good investment!

    1. Thanks for the reblog! I was worried about the same thing when I got the pull up bar. It works great for me and I’ve had friends who are much heavier (250lbs) try it while at my house. I’m not sure about the dip attachment. It feels very sturdy when I use it but I haven’t had anyone else try it. Wishing you a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend!

  4. Nice piece of kit if you have the space. I always wonder how sturdy these things are. Yours in the video looks fine but I have images of them tearing of the door frame and taking all the paint with it! I tend to do narrow stance press ups as they are great for hitting the triceps and can be done with no equipment whatsoever.

    1. Hi! The pull up bar is quite sturdy and like you, before I had one I thought it might rip the door frame apart. I’m pretty light so it’s no problem but I’ve had friends who weigh about 250lbs use mine. The dip attachment had only been used by me so far so not exactly sure if it’ll handle 250lbs or more. We shall see…Glad you stopped by. Happy Friday!

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