It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Yes, it's beginning to look like Christmas!

Yes, it’s beginning to look like Christmas!

The holiday season is in full swing.  There are parties on the weekends and Christmas treats everywhere you look.  Everybody is running here and there and it seems we’re all short on time.  It’s December weeks like this when workouts take a back seat and sensible eating plans go out the window.  It doesn’t have to be like that.  Sometimes people get caught in the trap of thinking if they can’t keep to their normal gym schedule or they are more indulgent with the sweets than usual they might as well just throw in the towel and wait until the new year to get back on track.

It’s unreasonable to think that you’re going to be able to get every single workout in and that gingerbread men will never pass your lips (those sweet little guys are a personal weakness).  That’s OK.  You don’t have to and you shouldn’t expect to.  Doing so leads to disappointment and recriminations when you can’t meet your goal.

Tempting little fellows!

Tempting little fellows!

You can’t just throw up your hands, lie on the couch and stuff cookies in your mouth during your down time, however.  This is when you do what you can, when you can.  A little workout is better than no workout.  You might have to shorten your time in the weight room or cut your cardio sessions in half.  You might have to workout three days a week instead of 5 or you might have to do some bodyweight workouts at home if you can’t get the gym at all.  Making temporary modifications is a reasonable response to increased demands on your time.  Giving up on your exercise program entirely and eating every holiday goodie that you see isn’t.

Remember that the exercise you do is a Christmas present to yourself.  It’s a great way to keep stress at bay and you definitely want to come out on the other side of this season in good form.  Who wants to start the new year out of shape, with lots of fat to try to strip and a diet that makes you feel like you’re being punished?  No thanks!  Simply modify your program if you need to and keep right on going!

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22 responses

  1. My beautiful spider monkey I noticed that you aren’t looking as defined as usual. Someone has been snacking on to much salty snacks? Oh stop…you know I am playing! You are simply amaz…er, alright. Sorry I am in a smart a$$ kind of mood today. It is the holiday season and I have vowed to stay out of the gym until mid March…once the “New Years resolutioners” have gone away. Hopefully some will stay this time and join the rest of us crazy people in the fitness journey. Love your words and MISS YOUR FACE!!!! Take care my beautiful spider monkey, I will talk to you soon!

    1. Hold on, I have to wipe these cookie crumbs off the keyboard before writing back! Ha, ha…it’s not just salty snacks it’s sweet ones too! Oh my! You know I have a little problem resisting gingerbread. Those little men are so CUTE. They just beg for my attention and call to me when I leave them alone for too long. Oh Licious, I decided I have to keep posting bikini photos for a while. I got some new shoes and I have to show them off properly. Dang it! You have a very nice weekend! Now where did I put those candy canes?!?

  2. Great advice for the Christmas season, just roll with it and enjoy and WoW what a great pic of yourself, I kinda look like one of those ginger bread men with a big smile on my face. Happy Holidays.

    1. Ah…you made me smile. Now come over here you delicious thing! Lol I have a thing for gingerbread men!!

  3. ooh la la! looking great Lynn, as usual;)

    1. Thank you so much! I’m doing a lot of modified workouts these days. I kind of like it. It’s a mental challenge to keep coming up with ways to exercise when I’m not able to get to the gym as regularly as usual. One day I went “snow hiking” It was hard tromping through knee high snow. It ended up being an excellent cardio workout!

      1. Yes, great cardio!! I did this by accident a few days ago when I got off the train at the wrong stop and realized the route I had to walk had no sidewalks. So I also was tromping through a knee high snowbank! It turned out to be a fun workout:)

      2. Isn’t it funny how you sometimes stumble upon a great workout by mistake? Who would have thought that “walking” through the snow would be SO taxing? Lol. Glad you stopped by. Happy 2014!!!

  4. Beautiful!!! You look stunning!

    1. Thank you, thank you! I had fun trying to get a quick photo out there in the snow. Luckily it didn’t take too long because I’m definitely a cold weather wimp! Happy Friday to you!

  5. Ho,Ho,Ho! I love your post & I especially love your pic. I’ve been sick with bronchitis,full of anti-biotics & steroids.Hope to be back in the gym soon. Love ya Lynn.

    1. Oh no…I sure hope you’re much better now. I hate getting sick. It takes all the starch out of you. Hopefully you’re on the mend! Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  6. ….and I love you philosophy about moderation and modification too.

    1. I learned early on that fitness is a marathon not a sprint. You have to make your exercise and nutritional program compatible with real life or else you’ll end up driving yourself crazy.

  7. Fabulous picture. Such great trap and shoulder development. Do you have an email contact for readers? I wanted to ask you about training.

    1. Hi! Thank you. I love to talk shop so please feel free to contact me at Hope you’re having a nice morning!

  8. You’re gonna catch a cold !!! Hope you have a Blessed week Lynn

    1. Hi Mess! See how I’m willing to suffer for my art? It WAS cold out there but it didn’t take too long to get a reasonable photo. Happy Friday to you!

  9. Well now that I finally got past your beautiful Ms.Santa picture I totally agree with you. Merry Christmas Beautiful Lynn….

    1. Merry Christmas beautiful Matt!!

  10. Wow nice that’s a present that looks beautiful under a tree, and one that Santa would want to place under tree..cause he would keep it to himself lol

    1. Hi Artie! Happy Friday. Thanks for the nice compliment on the photo. Luckily when I took it the wind wasn’t blowing or it would have been TOO cold. Hope you’re having a nice end to your week!

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