It Was Just One Of Those Days

Yesterday was an odd day,  Nothing bad happened but there were a series of little annoyances that added up.  By bedtime I was happy to close my eyes and give myself up to dreams.

in the midst of my rather crazy day, I received a couple of notes that made me realize that people thought that one of the silly photos I posted in my Christmas Wishes For Our Troops entry was actually me.  It honestly never occurred to me that anyone could draw that conclusion.  I thought it was obvious that I just put my face in a joke frame.

This is not me!

This is not me!

I actually work very hard NOT to look like this woman. I spend time in the gym so I DON’T look like her.  Whoever the model is has a fine looking body but it’s not at all what I aspire to.  I like muscle.  I like cuts.  I work diligently not to be thin and smooth.  Plus, the model’s breasts are enormous compared to mine and I figured every man on the Earth would notice that!

You can add your face to any number of photos. I suppose I should try to find one of a woman with nice muscle development next time, then I wouldn’t mind being mistaken for her.

Maybe a bit too much for my particular tastes.

Maybe a bit too much for my particular tastes.

Not too bad.  Makes me want to work harder on my shoulders!

Not too bad. Makes me want to work harder on my shoulders!

I wish I could get those arms using those itty, bitty weights...

I wish I could get those arms using those itty, bitty weights…

Once the day was done I was looking forward to getting under the covers for the night but first I took a lovely, hot shower and slathered myself with my brand new, expensive, lightly peach scented lotion that I just bought.  I was tucking my youngest son into bed and he asked me what I had on.  I told him it was a special lotion that was supposed to help keep my skin soft and he said.  “Well it smells just like grilled cheese.”

My last thought before bed was, “Great!  I learned today that I’m a skinny, smooth woman without any muscle who smells like a hot cheese sandwich!”

Image 9


17 responses

  1. Lynn,regardless of which body you post,I still love you!

    1. Thank you, thank you! Hope you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year!!

  2. Skinny, smooth and without any muscle is certainly not you and Grilled Cheese sandwiches actually smell pretty good to a young boy but that will certainly change as he gets older. LOL

    1. Big boys like bacon, right? Lol Here I thought the lotion smelled like peaches and turns out it made me smell like cheese! Funny!!

      1. Bacon scented lotion, hmmm. I think your on to something there:)

  3. Haha! I can’t believe people thought the first pic was you. Your arms shrunk suddenly and your boobs got huge!

    1. Oh my gosh, I wasn’t that happy that people thought that was me. I was purely making a joke and didn’t have any inkling anyone would take it seriously. Oh well…it’s funny now that I’ve had a chance to think it over for a minute. I can say for sure that I’ll never post a photo with just an ammo belt tied around my boobs!! Goodness…wishing you a wonderful day!!

  4. My beautiful, cheese smelling spider monkey! That has to be the worst photoshop ever…can’t imagine how someone would think that was you! We all know your taste in shoes is way better! Have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon!

    1. Ah ha…I don’t know why but when I realized some people thought that was me I was embarrassed. That photo isn’t my style at all. I’m sometimes a little saucy but not that revealing. After a while I was smiling again. I just chalked it up to one of those funny twists in life. Now I have to decide what to do with my lotion. I don’t want to smell like cheese!! Lol

  5. Don’t change a thing you look awesome the way you are!

    1. Oh thank you! You’re always so sweet and your kind comments are much appreciated! Happy Wednesday to you!

  6. LOL! My sides are still hurting. How could anyone think those body shots were yours? I may be biased but you have one of the finest physiques I have ever seen. You are beautifully buffed and your conditioning is second to none and as for that smile, so very heart melting….Keep rockin it my beautiful and inspirational Lynn:)

    1. Duh, I meant the first picture of course but you knew that 🙂 Happy Tuesday:)

      1. Yep…knew that, Sweet Matt!

    2. I was horrified when I realized that some people thought that woman was me! I post saucy photos sometimes but not quite that saucy!

  7. Actually you have a stunning body and I believe that looks better than those “fixed” pics.

    1. Well thank you! I had fun seeing what I’d look like with various bodies. So funny! I even put my head on a man’s body which was pretty interesting especially since I was wearing red lipstick. Made me laugh!

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