Mole Meat (It’s What’s For Dinner)

I was walking through the market doing a little grocery shopping when this tasty dish caught my eye.


Oh yum.  A chicken and mole dinner!

Yes, I know about mole sauce, but it was amusing for me to imagine the food containing genuine rodent meat along with the chicken. It made me laugh out loud right there in aisle 5, but in truth the last laugh may be on me.

My ten-year old son has been trying to build snares that will catch small game in our backyard.  A while ago, I got him a Nook since he’s an avid reader.  Unbeknownst to me he downloaded the British SAS survival manual and began learning from it.  I found this out one night at the dinner table when he announced proudly to the rest of us that he knew how to perform a tracheotomy if anyone should choke during their meal.  I asked him how he’d learned such a thing and he cited the SAS manual.  Then he stood up, leaned across the table toward his brother, squinted his eyes in concentration and said, Now where exactly is your Adam’s apple?”

I was the one who nearly choked, then went on to tell him firmly that he wasn’t to touch his brother’s Adam’s apple unless, of course, the situation was extremely dire (by my standards not his) in which case he might get to try his new skill.  It was a rather funny mother moment.


The SAS manual did more than explain how to save someone from a fatal choking scenario, it also described how to get meat when out and about without much in way of equipment.  This resulted in a backyard full of ropes and sticks which were constructed and laid out just so in the hopes of trapping a little animal: a squirrel, bird, rabbit, chipmunk…or maybe a mole.

How amusing, you may think, but here’s the rub.  Having been brought up with many hunters in our family, the standing rule is that you eat whatever you harvest.  Nature is to be respected and animals are to be taken for food, not simply for fun.  My son has already researched how to salt the tiny pelt of whatever he snares so he has a memento of his first catch and he frequently peppers me with questions like, “Did you find any recipes for squirrel?  If I catch a sparrow are you going to fry it?  Is one rabbit enough to feed the family?”

There are days I’m afraid to look in the backyard just in case one of his snares actually works (the SAS are no dummies and neither is my son).  I suppose I should look on the bright side.  I’m pretty sure whatever he catches will be a lean source of protein.  On the other hand, someday soon, I may have to eat a real chicken and mole meal!

I wonder what mole tastes like?

I wonder what mole tastes like?


11 responses

  1. Your son sounds like a very bright guy. At least rabbit is said to taste like chicken.

    1. I think rabbit would be the best of all possible scenarios. I’m just not into the mole meat idea. Ick! How are your workouts going? I’m having a good time with the pull up challenge. I’m just at the end of week 4 and next week begins the weighted ones. I keep looking in the mirror to see if I can tell any difference in my muscles but so far things look pretty status quo. We shall see what happens after a few weeks of the weighted pull ups. Happy Thursday!

      1. Congrats with your pull up challenge. What a way to shock those muscles! I am truly loving your workout…speaking of challenge. I have never felt a burn like that in my biceps and triceps after those drop sets. After the back and chest workout, I couldn’t raise my arms to put my hair up I was so sore, but it felt great!

      2. So glad the workout is going well. It definitely works and it’ll work fast if you’re consistent. I know just the burn you’re talking about. Feels like there’s fire inside the muscle! Speaking of hair, I’ve been meaning to tell you I love yours! Very pretty!

      3. It it as exactly as you described, burning muscles! Thanks very much.

  2. Oh my goodness, that is priceless. I think you have a future survivalist and possible surgeon on your hands there Lynn. Hope you all have a Blessed weekend. Tell your son to bait his snares. They work better that way

    1. Mess, I think I will neglect to tell him to bait the snares. I just really don’t want to eat a backyard catch! If I was a betting woman, I’d put my money on a squirrel. We have so many of those things in the neighborhood!

  3. Sounds like you have a young Bear Grylls in your house. At least the snares should keep strangers out of your yard and good luck with the Chicken and mole meal. Yummy 🙂

    1. Oh, I’m just not looking forward to eating mole for some weird reason. If I use hot sauce on it maybe I’ll sear my tastebuds and it won’t be so bad! Wishing you a fantastic day..glad you stopped by!

  4. That’s too funny. Well, probably taste like chicken but a little fattier… You should email the travel channel and see if Andrew have tasted any moles.

    1. CHICKEN! I sure hope it tastes like chicken. Ick. I don’t want to eat anything that child brings in from the backyard. I suppose if it’s smothered in barbecue sauce and I swallow chunks whole, it won’t be too bad. Lol

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