A Little Bit Of Encouragement (No Complaining Allowed)

They say a photo is worth a thousand words and I believe it to be true.  The following photograph is one I have in my office at home.  I keep it there to remind me that no matter what, no matter how meager the facilities I sometimes have available to workout in or how little equipment I have at my disposal, there are always those who are making it happen with much, much less.  It’s a good reminder to just zip my lips when I want to complain.  Sometimes a little perspective goes a long way.

I  lifted this photo from bodybuilding.com a while ago (more than a couple years).  I wish I could remember who originally posted it so I could give credit.  I know he was one of our hardworking troops and the photo was taken overseas but he was not someone I communicated with regularly hence my inability to remember exactly where I got it.  Nevertheless, it was posted publicly and therefore I don’t think he would mind me re-posting it especially since I find it so powerful and I’ll bet you will too.


So now what can you say about what you’ve got to work with?  Right…could be a lot worse!  Be encouraged.  Keep going!


2 responses

  1. I was at some FOBs in Afghanistan where the gym looked similar. If you think this is bad, you should see some of the shower and eating facilities at some of the FOBs. You are beautiful and your never ending support of my brothers and sisters means more than you could ever know. Be well Spider monkey…your the bestest ever!

    1. Hiya Lish! I really love that picture because it give some much needed perspective. I keep it as another reminder to persevere without complaining in my own life.

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