Fabulous Friday (With A Nod To Our Navy SEAL teams)

It’s steady as she goes with my pull up program.  I’ve made a few modifications, specifically adding more of the weighted pull ups on the days that I do them.  25 per session just didn’t seem like enough so I doubled the number and now do 50.  I’m comfortable making that change.  I’ve been at this long enough to know when my body is being challenged sufficiently to force changes in my physique.

I took this photo last night.  I’m still a little on the fluffy side but I’m feeling strong and the little bit of muscle I’ve gained seems to be sticking.  I’m the ultimate hardgainer so that makes me happy.

Wishing you a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.  GO BRONCOS!!

This photo is dedicated to our Navy SEAL teams.  I know you're out there and you're very much appreciated!

This photo is dedicated to our Navy SEAL teams. I know you’re out there and you’re very much appreciated!


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  1. This one’s a keeper, even if you’re a Bronco’s fan. (Chargers fan here). 🙂

  2. You are certainly not fluffy ! What is your daily workout routine?

    1. You’re very kind. I’m a little bit less cut that I usually am but that’s OK. I’m taking steps to fine tune my physique. Daily? That’s a long answer but if you check this out (http://www.bodybuilders.com/lynn-carlson.html) you can see a sample of my exercise routine. It’s an article they did on me at bodybuilding.com and pretty representative of what I do daily/weekly.

  3. Hey my pretty lady, your Broncos did not do very well tonight. I would say next year, but my Lions are going all the way next year! Love the picture…but again, you are beautiful in ALL your pictures! Just found out that I have some tearing in my right knee, waiting for Ortho to contact me to see what we are going to do to get me back on the horse. Stay beautiful and I will talk to you soon!

    1. The Broncos really didn’t do well at all. I’ll root for your Lions in the next Superbowl as long as my Niners aren’t playing. I have to stay loyal to them. My dad and I used to go to the games all the time. I have great memories of us spending the day at Candlestick. Hope that knee is easy to fix and that it’s not hurting too much. I had a really bad muscle tear (I got it doing heavy deadlifts) one time that I thought would never heal properly. It hurt for two years straight and then one day it healed. I don’t go super heavy on deadlifts anymore but I’m SO happy it doesn’t give me trouble these days.

  4. Fluffy? I think not. Any Tier 1 operator team would count it a Blessing having you on the team. I sure do. Have a Blessed weekend dear friend

    1. Mess! Hi and happy Monday. You always stop by with beautiful sunshine for me. Makes me feel great. Thank you!

  5. Looking strong and fit.

    1. Hi! Thank you. Happy Monday over there. Here we go with a new week to challenge ourselves! How are your workouts going?

      1. Another challenging week. The workouts are still challenging and I can feel and see progress. Yay!!

      2. I’m so delighted to hear that! It’s incredibly motivating when you see progress. It just makes you want more! Keep it up….

  6. I don’t see any fluff. Your looking awesome as ever. Have a fantastic week-end Doc and I’m with you on Sunday. Bronco’s!!!!

    1. Hi! I’m very glad you can’t see the fluff! Good lighting is my friend! Lol. I’m just starting a bit of a cut so soon the fluff will really be gone. Poor Broncos! That was an awful game for them. I still enjoyed my Superbowl treats…just wish the game had been a wee bit closer!

  7. You are beyond beautiful

    1. And you are so kind! Thank you for stopping by and leaving me that lovely little note. Sure hope your week is off to a great start!

  8. You are stunning! Go Broncos!

    1. Hi Al!! Thank you! Oh my goodness…the poor, sad Broncos really stunk up the place! I still enjoyed the game and all the good food I ate too!

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