Big Mike

Well Helllloooo Handsome!

Well Hello Handsome!

I’m delighted to announce that i have a new weapon in my “NO EXCUSES” arsenal!  Right now, this very minute there’s a new recumbent bike in my garage.  It’s placed close to my pretty, pink, sparkly bike that actually goes places.  So far, the two are getting along although I think I caught Sabine (that’s my pink bike’s name) casting jealous glances at Big Mike yesterday.  They will learn that they each have a place in my heart.  On a sunny, warm morning nothing can take the place of  a long, slow, happy bike ride outdoors with Sabine but on those rainy, cold days Big Mike will definitely be my go-to guy!


Ha, ha!

Ha, ha!



8 responses

  1. Looks like you got a new man in your life and just in time for Valentine’s day. I hope Mike treats you well and Happy V day:)

    1. So far Mike is being very nice unless he gets too excited (i.e. turned up too high). Then I get all out of breath and sweaty. Lol

  2. Good day my beautiful spider monkey! Sharing your attention. ..can’t imagine. The horrors! Spending this weekend gearing up for some hiking this weekend. I think I have to get a new pack first. I am strictly prohibited from heavy training until my doc clears me. So I am been focusing on cardio lately. I trust you are as beautiful and awesome as always. Take care. I will talk to you soon.

    1. Hmmm, should definitely proof read before I hit “post comment”…sorry!

      1. I’m always delighted when you write!! I don’t care one whit about proof reading!

    2. Hiking is fun depending on how fast you go and how heavy your pack is. I like light weight..just lunch in the pack and a reasonable pace. It’s so nice to be outside…peaceful and relaxing!

  3. Looks like the two will get along well, as long as you give both equal attention. 🙂

    1. I’ve been paying much more attention to Mike. It’s fun having something new!

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