The Day My Phone Malfunctioned

On Wednesday of last week I asked my ten-year old to take my phone and use the camera to get a photo of my back.  He did so and then we scrolled through the pictures to see if he’d been able to get a good one.  He pointed to this one and said “You look like a guy that’s been shrunken down and got a woman head put on him.”  It made me laugh.  You see, he wasn’t trying to be rude at all.  He knows I like muscle and that I’m always chasing just a little bit more so it definitely wasn’t a mean dig.

Phone photo from last week

Phone photo from last week

I took a look at the picture and I had to concur.  I wouldn’t say I look like a shrunken man but there IS  something off about this photo.  I think my head looks especially giant…or something.  Together we decided the reason the photo looked strange is that my phone was broken.  That’s it…a broken phone!  Clearly, the camera suffered a catastrophic malfunction.  Good thing we figured out what the problem was.

This is what a bazillion pull ups has helped create!

This is what a bazillion pull ups has helped create!

This just goes to show that while photo documentation is a great tool, you’re not always going to like what you see (especially if you have an enormous  Tweety-bird head in the picture).  It’s a good time to have a laugh and move on.

Look Ma!  I have a giant head!  But I need it to fit my giant brain!

Look Ma! I have a giant head! But I need it to fit my giant brain!


8 responses

  1. Clearly your pullup challenge worked. You’re son is too funny.

    1. He’s so silly! He often has hilarious observations that keep me laughing. Hope you’re doing well and that those workouts are fun and productive. Happy Friday…enjoy your weekend!

  2. Well my beautiful cheese smelling, giant headed spider monkey, I happen to love your back! Those broken phones…I get it, mine makes me look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Just don’t start “juicing”…may experience some issues getting dressed. Have you found a big enough suitcase for me yet? I mean even total badass spider monkeys need someone to watch their six…

    1. Yes! I know you know how to properly frolic on the beach since you lived in beautiful Hawaii. I need you to show me how it’s done. All I know is that it involves food…everything worthwhile involves food! A couple more weeks and it will be Jamaica time. A little down time will be SO welcome!

  3. Lol! Your back looks amazing! Great muscle definition and hardness. Lovely hardbody, lovely lady. Tell your son I said thanks for the laugh. Well I got to go and start my upper body workout also known as shoveling that stuff called snow. Something about that workout that causes complete soreness. Please send spring out to the east coast:)

    1. Hi Matt!! Thank you. My son is a funny little guy. He makes me laugh all the time. Bet you’re getting lots of good workouts this winter with all the snowstorms we’ve had! It’s been crazy. Poor CA was in a drought and then was deluged with enough rain to float the ark….lots of flooding! Geez….

  4. Richard ( | Reply

    Absolutely awesome back development my friend!

    1. Thank you! That was a funny photo but I really do enjoy training my back. I always wish I loved training legs as much!

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