Hodge Podge

Some of you may know that quite a few years ago I found a photographer whose work I fell in love with.  A trainer at my old gym knew about the military tribute photos I liked to post and she told me I should take a look at this guy’s stuff.  His name is Jesse Hodge, he’s an Army veteran and as soon as I saw his photographs, I knew that I wanted to work with him.  I have a head full of what I think would be great military tribute and patriotic photos but I don’t have the expertise or experience to bring them to life.  It seemed to me that we could have a productive partnership and his information said he worked with regular people, not just professional models.

Unfortunately for me, he didn’t return my interest and my emails and phone calls to him went unanswered.  It just wasn’t meant to be.

My number one favorite photo of his was one he did of a woman on the beach with a Navy shirt on.  It’s just beautiful in every way.  A few days ago, I went to view the photo again.  I typed “jesse hodge navy girl” into the search box….and lo and behold, what did I see??

Oh look...there I am!  Lots of times...

Oh look…there I am! Lots of times…

There’s the Navy photo I love so much in the upper left part of the screenshot…but if you look two photos to the right, there I am!  Don’t ask me why my Ranger tribute picture comes up under “Navy girl.”  I’m not the boss of the Google search engine and I understand very little of how certain photos end up certain places.  Not only am I in that spot, if you look carefully, you’ll see me an additional three times.  When I scrolled down just a little more I found another of my photos.

There's one of my biceps shots!

There’s one of my biceps shots!

I just had to laugh.  There I am, all up in the mix.  Poor Jesse!  My very unprofessional, simplistic, glorified selfies are right alongside his wonderful creations.  See, he should have worked with me.  At least that way he’d be proud to have me so closely associated with his name.  You gotta love the amusing little twists life serves up!


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