Unsolicited Opinions On Aisle 10

A few days ago I was in the grocery store on my way to workout. I was wearing this shirt along with my black baseball hat that has a Marine Corps pin in it (I wear it most days).

This photo is from a few years ago.  I think my shoulders looked better back then.  Heavy shoulder presses, here I come!

This photo is from a few years ago. I think my shoulders looked better back then. Heavy shoulder presses, here I come!


Me with my shirt

Me with my shirt

A store employee stopped me and asked if I was a Marine. On the rare occasions someone asks me about a military shirt I’m wearing, I tell them I wear it in support of friends, so that’s what I said. He proceeded to explain that I didn’t have the right to wear the shirt since I didn’t earn it. He said his son was a Marine and I was insulting them and being disrespectful. I tried to explain but he was having none of it and just kept re-stating his position. He was quite cemented in his view. I left the store feeling awful, mostly because I was unprepared for the conversation and was disappointed in my own response. Nothing like that has ever happened before so I was caught off guard. I went looking for peanut butter and instead got a lecture from a stranger…and I didn’t respond correctly.

Let’s see….why do I have this shirt? Because a Marine asked me to post a photo wearing it…a Marine I was pen pals with through two deployments in Afghanistan. Where did the pin come from? A friend I met a the gym long ago, a Marine, who served in Vietnam. It happens to be something I treasure which is why it’s pinned to a hat I wear all the time. If you look at a couple of the photos I posted from my trip to Jamaica, you’ll see the same baseball hat. Where I go, it goes. I didn’t wear it on the plane ride over so I put it in my purse. I wasn’t about to check it in my luggage. I wouldn’t be happy if I lost my bathing suits and clothing but I’d be VERY upset if the airline lost my hat (and therefore my Marine Corps pin). I guard it carefully.

I’m sure somewhere in the world there might be a Marine who wouldn’t be happy to see me wearing my shirt or pin. I haven’t met him yet. I’m guessing this man’s son said he didn’t like to see people putting on Marine Corps stuff and pretending to be Marines. That would absolutely, rightfully be upsetting….to me too. Stolen valor is no joke and there are slimy people out there that get a kick out of pretending to be something they’re not.

The man was right about one thing. I didn’t earn those things but they were given to me by people who did so as far as I’m concerned I’m “walking on the right side of the law.”

The thing I re-learned from this is that no matter what there are people who will misunderstand you. They will express their opinion and they can’t be reasoned with. It’s not worth trying. It’s a waste of breath, brain bandwidth and precious time. Next time I’ll simply thank the person politely for “their unsolicited opinion,” turn my back and walk away.




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  1. Those who CHOOSE not to LISTEN can never LEARN (or understand.) Emotions are often based on anything other than rational thinking. If your heart tells you to do something with good intent, the decision to follow through is purposeful AND meaningful. I would rather “anger” people expressing emotions designed to share my love for them, than “please” them by remaining silent, distant and hidden.

  2. Next time, just hold your hand out and tell them to choke themselves. ..

    1. Yeah! That man should leave Jay’s lil monkey alone! Lol…that sounds funny. Cracking myself up! Hope all is well over there Lish!

      1. Hahahahaha, that does sound funny

  3. ur a healer for us, wear all the shirts with pride and head high doc

    1. You are so kind! Thank you. I was really taken aback by that man but it’s because I was off guard and not expecting his interruption in my day. I won’t let it get to me the same way next time. I sure hope you’re enjoying the spring season. I tell you one day it’s hot and the next it’s cold here. The weather can’t make up it’s mind. Lol

  4. Having served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, I would like to weigh in on this. I personally, have no problem with you wearing Marine Corps branded apparel or pins. What kinda irks me is that a Marine expressed displeasure about you wearing the stuff and then you post a blog about complete with sexy photos wearing the stuff he objected to. That’s very defiant and in your face, don’t you think? I enjoy your posts and just wanted to comment. Semper Fi. 🙂

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment. Happy that you read my blog. I think it’s important for you to know that the grocery store worker was NOT a Marine. His son was a Marine. Those photos are the ones I posted at the request of my Marine pen-pal who was deployed to Afghanistan….and the reason I have that shirt in the first place. They were first posted in 2011 on Bodybuilding.com. I have NEVER had a Marine express any displeasure with anything I’ve posted or worn pertaining to the Marine Corps. The first photo is still in my bodybuilding.com photo gallery (http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/photos/view-user-photo/8072142). It has over 4,000 views and there are only positive comments posted from others about it (many of the comments are from Marines). Defiant? I don’t think so. Defiance implies crossing someone who has authority over you…like a parent or a boss. That man in the grocery store is not my authority figure. I post what I like here because it’s my space to express myself. I talk about a lot of things that happen in my life. This was just one of many experiences I chose to write about. On another note, I would like to sincerely thank you for your service. I (along with so many others) deeply appreciate it. Wishing you a lovely afternoon.

  5. Hey Doc. Wear that shirt and hat with pride. There are hundreds if not thousands of Marines such as myself who appreciate your support and friendship. Next time let them know a Master Gunnery Sergeant said you have every right to wear it and please feel free to refer them to me. You’re a great friend and patriot. As always thank you for your support. Stay Strong! Semper Fi !

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your words were a real pick-me-up and I can’t express how much I appreciate it. It’s been a very busy week. Both my boys were under the weather and home needing a little nursing and it’s the end of the semester for the University I work for and I had a stack of papers to help the students with. Next week will still be busy but a little bit less so. You’re my motivation on leg day! I’ll stop by and catch up soon!

      1. Glad I could cheer you up. Always got your six. You spend so much time trying to support and motivate me and my fellow service members the least we can do is say thank you and return the favor. Hope things slow down. Until then Stay Strong! Semper Fi

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