Derek Made Me Do It!

I always advise people to find fitness activities that suit their personalities.  After all, there’s more than one way to skin the cat.  You may or may not find pleasure in lifting weights as I do.  Perhaps you’d be much happier swimming laps at the pool for exercise.  Maybe tennis appeals to you or you might find that fencing is your thing.  What you do doesn’t matter so much as that you do something to keep your body moving and keep your muscles challenged.  There isn’t much to be gained by forcing yourself to do things you don’t enjoy.

Every day I see people at the gym who have that grim look pasted to their faces.  They’re obviously miserable and their approach to exercise lacks any spark of joy.  You know when someone enjoys what they do.  I happen to love lifting.  My friend Derek loves, lifting, swimming and running too.  He does it all and he does it with great enthusiasm.  That’s why I love having him for a friend.  He’s absolutely inspiring.  No way I’m going running or swimming but that doesn’t matter. I get great pleasure watching him pursue his fitness interests and it gives me more energy to chase my own goals.

Put simply, Derek has a great positive approach to exercise and it makes me happy to see him go after it day after day. I get a kick out of his enthusiasm.  He’s always testing the boundaries and trying new things and feats of strength.  I see them and I want to do them too.  Sometimes I’m very successful and sometimes….

The moral of this story is to surround yourself with people who love what they’re doing.  It doesn’t have to be exactly the same thing you choose.  You may or may not be able to do what they do but attitude really is everything and success breeds success.

This is what made me want to try the weighted push ups.  I couldn't do it (yet) but sure had a good time trying!

This is what made me want to try the weighted push ups. I couldn’t do it (yet) but sure had a good time trying!

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Derek makes fun out of work.  He’s obviously no stranger to the grind.  His physique tells a story of dedication and great effort and his photos tell you how much he enjoys what he does. I can’t always do what he does but I like to try…so if you see me at the gym hanging upside down or swinging from an overhead bar, there’s a good chance that he was my motivation.  That’s right, any shenanigans in the gym and I’m saying Derek made me do it!


8 responses

  1. Attitude and surrounding yourself with the right people is definitely key!

    1. Lishie!! Hi..yes it sure helps to have people you enjoy being around, walking the same road. I’ve been so busy lately. I have a new project on deck (along with a fairly new job) so I was underwater for a minute. All is well and things seem to be calming down so I’ll be in touch more often. Hope all is well over there…can’t believe it’s almost time for school to be out and summer vacation to start for the kids. Gotta plan the mommy boot camp…I mean, day camp to keep idle hands from making trouble. Lol

  2. This one made me think Lynn. Maybe myself & others have been influenced too much by bodybuilders grunting & what not with dour expressions on their faces. I love weight training but you won’t ever (though I’m working on it) with a smile on my face. That’s b/c the struggle is real, which I embrace. My look is what you’d call “mean-mugging” but I actually do enjoy the process.

    1. Hi Mean-Mugger! Lol….I have a serious face too when I’m working hard in the gym. You kind of have to in order to concentrate so I know what you mean. The people I’m talking about are the ones who obviously hate being in there at all. They just look so miserable…all the time, whether they’re lifting or not. I always want to tell them to lighten up a little and have some fun…it goes better for sure! Happy Wednesday!!

  3. Derek’s a Beast. Blaze has grown so much. You’re still my favorite Sis

    1. Hi Mess!! He sure is a beast…and very kind and humble too. He’s a fun one to watch…one of my favorite bodybuilding friends. I’ve finally been able to look up and gather myself. I was incommunicado for a minute but things are calmer (finally). Sure hope all is well with you!

  4. Awesome

    May have to try with boo later

    1. I tell you it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. The minute my son got on my back I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do a push up. I was happy that I could do a plank for a while with him up there. I love trying new things even when they don’t work out…we had fun trying!

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