Top of the Chart (Lessons From Bodybuilding)

Well, will you lookie here? Lynnie made the top of the chart! I’m’s number one inspirational woman…50 and over.

Numbah One

Numbah One

Now nevermind about the under 50 list. That’s not important. Just concentrate on the 50 and over list. I’m making a joke. Everybody knows I’m not motivated by standings on lists or by trophies won by competing (never stepped on stage). I’m in it for love of the game. Personal satisfaction/pleasure is what keeps me going.

It was a happy surprise to find that my hard work and diligence is appreciated by others. It’s a lovely side note and one I discovered by happenstance. I have a friend who posted a similar photo when he found he was high up on the men’s inspirational list. That’s what got me wondering about my standing. I’d never thought about it before but decided to look it up for fun. There I was right in the top spot. Cool!

I’ve always been happy with what bodybuilding has brought into my life. It brings a sense of calm, a comforting discipline, a structure that I find re-assuring. It brings me a healthy, strong body. It helps keep me mentally fit… all serious lifters know that you lift with your mind first. It’s your mind that controls your body and gets it to perform day after day.

Lifting teaches you to focus your attention, to be persistent in pursuit of goals, to “show up” when no one is checking or cares in the least. It’s a way of practicing excellence and it spills into every other area of life.

I’ll give you an example. I recently took on a project, a labor of love, a passion, a calling, that tapped into areas where I’m weaker than I would like. I’m a rather reserved person, not the chatty type unless I know someone reasonably well.  In a group, I’m a watcher first way before I’m a talker.   Asking someone for help with anything is a difficult proposition for me. So what did I do? Started a project where I had to rely almost exclusively on asking other people for help. That’s right…. I had to ask for help.  Not only that, I had to make presentations to various groups of people as I was soliciting that help.  The horror!  I would honestly much rather jump out of a plane (WITH a parachute, just to be clear) than have to address a group of strangers.  Yes, intellectually, I understand that’s a ridiculous position but I’ve never had any success talking myself out of it.  It’s just the way I’m hard-wired.

There was no way to pull the project together without doing things I struggle with but I wasn’t about to fail out of personal weakness. Not interested, not ever! I always picture myself at the end of life looking back and having to critique my performance. I couldn’t stand it if I avoided doing something I knew was important because I collapsed from my own shortcomings.

I had to bring to bear some of the lessons learned over the years from bodybuilding.

1.  You never get anywhere without diligent work

2. You’re going to be very  uncomfortable sometimes but the pain is worth the outcome.

3. You’re going to have setbacks and you can’t let that stop you….keep moving forward no matter what.

4. There are times you have to swallow your pride and just do what it takes to get the job done.

5. Put in a little work each day.  A whole bunch one day, followed by nothing for many days doesn’t fly.

6. Ignore the naysayers and people who try to throw you off your game.  People have many reasons for trying to distract you from your goals.  Don’t let them.

7. Baby steps are fine and are to be celebrated.  It’s those baby steps that will finally get you to your goal.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll reveal specifically what project I’ve been working on!  You’re gonna love it!

Lessons learned from bodybuilding translates into success in other areas!

Lessons learned from bodybuilding can translate into success in other areas!



8 responses

  1. More than well deserved. U R amazing! Congrats Lynn.

  2. My beautiful spider monkey,
    Congratulations on being #1 (though, you have always been my #1), it shows that you have made a difference in people’s lives. I sleep well at night knowing that there is a little one in Afghanistan that knows someone cared enough to make her life better, it almost makes up for all of the bad stuff that happened. ..
    I am very excited for you and your project! Can’t wait to see! Mother’s Day is approaching so make sure you are sufficiently spoiled on that day, I will be thinking about you! As always, I adore you and know that you have always inspired me!

    1. You are a prince! Yes, good that a little girl in Afghanistan knows someone very special cares…there’s a little woman (part monkey) in the US who also feels so fortunate to have crossed paths with you….and I adore you back!

  3. doc ur the best

    1. Thanks so much! Sending you wishes for a wonderful day and lots of energy for your workout!!

    1. Thank you! Hope you’re doing well. I have been having a good time trying to add a little mass. It’s not exactly working yet…but it will if I keep at it. Happy Thursday!

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