Pass The Carbs Please!

People often ask me what I eat in an effort to find out if I have some secret to staying lean that they’re not familiar with.  I usually end up disappointing them because I pretty much eat everything….some things in moderation, like sweets but I don’t cut anything out of my diet entirely.  If I want to eat something badly, I eat it.  If I know it’s something that’s not that great for me, I just eat a little but I usually don’t deny myself completely.  Over the last couple of days I’ve wanted copious amounts of carbs in the worst way.  Given my druthers, I would have had a mound of pasta with butter sauce, potato chips, two tangerines and a blueberry bagel for dinner last night.  Yum!

In reality I had all those things but spread out over the day, in small portions and combined with protein sources to slow absorption and keep blood sugar spikes in control.  For breakfast I had an egg white omelette, a small piece of turkey sausage and half a blueberry bagel.  For mid-morning snack, I had one tangerine with a handful of almonds, for lunch it was turkey and mustard rolled up, a spinach salad (no dressing) with a few tiny tomatoes and snack size bag of potato chips.  Dinner was spaghetti (a little pasta with a lot of meat sauce), broccoli and salad (no dressing).

How and when you eat your carbs is much more important than just avoiding them all together.  If you don’t want to eat carbs because you feel better when you don’t, that’s just fine but I like carbs and don’t want to deny myself the enjoyment of eating them.  I’m living proof that you don’t have to grit your teeth and avoid carbs at all costs.  You just have to be a little thoughtful in the amount you eat and what other foods you pair them with.


Don't go overboard and you'll be just fine!

Don’t go overboard and you’ll be just fine!





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  1. Hi Dr. Lynn
    Just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story with thousands of viewers throughout the world…believe it or not you’re the only testimonial proof available anywhere online who has shown real hope for skinny women**. There are hundreds of blogs showing how you can loose weight and gain curves, but none of them reveal true results coming from a genuinely skinny woman**. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s struggling not to give up and rely on others’ negative mentality bringing myself down to a “skinny genes run in the family” mode.

    There are a lot of us skinny girls tired of hearing the famous “you’re so skinny” slogan and we are ready for some real life changing work. Your photos say it all (specially the before/after) and it’s a relief to know it is possible! Thank You!!

    (A little forward here but would you consider registering for a doctorlynn Instagram account for daily inspiration??!! It would be amazing!!!)

    You look fantastic!
    Best wishes,
    See you at the gym! n_n
    JT –

    1. Oh my goodness…what a lovely note…such kind feedback! Thank you. Skinny people face a rather unique challenge. Most of the time other people just tell you, you’re lucky and have nothing to complain about. They don’t always understand that just being skinny isn’t the goal of exercise. When I first started out, I looked rather skeletal despite eating a normal amount and being moderately active. I didn’t have a pleasing physique at all. That’s what drew me to weight training and I have to say it lived up to the billing. I’m still never gained quite the mass I wanted at one time (I’ve always loved a very muscular look) but I’m happy with my progress and look and feel so much healthier/stronger. Instagram? First I have to look up how it works. Lol…I’m a bit behind the times. No idea how Twitter works either. My sons say I’m from the Stone Age. I’m thinking that daily photos of me might cause people to fall over from boredom, however I’m so pleased that you think it would be a good thing. Very flattered..thank you!

  2. as always doc u r fabo

    1. Thank you so much! This project is from the heart…and a lot of people came together to make it happen! So delighted with the way the first edition turned out and there’s more to come!

  3. Hello beautiful, love the post. Always beautiful & interesting Lynn.

    1. Hi! Thank you! Hope your work week is off to a good start!

  4. People must also remember that carbs..good carbs are an important source of energy..glycogen. Whole wheats..things like that. If you work out just can’t blow off good carbs in moderation. Yes, timing is important..don’t eat later in the evening…..thanks doc…lookin good too.

    1. Yes! Good carbs are a great thing. I love oatmeal in the morning with my eggs. Veggies are very important too. I just got a Vitamix blender and I’m exploring how to make some veggie mixes in there that taste good. Sometimes a vegetable based soup is an easier way to get in those dark green, leafy things rather than just eating them from a bowl. Happy Tuesday and happy workout!

  5. It’s great to hear that you can still keep a great figure and enjoy the foods you crave. It’s all about portion control and moderation. Thanks for the insights!

    1. It’s really difficult for people to stick to a good nutrition plan when they deny themselves things they really want to eat. You can do it for a while…maybe 6 months or so but eventually most of us will break down and a lot of people will just throw in the towel completely thinking that it’s just too hard. Moderation is definitely the key! Glad you stopped by! Happy Tuesday!

      1. I complete agree! Enjoy your Tuesday as well =)

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