Memorial Day – 2014


When I was a child, we used to drive by the rows and rows of white headstones that cover the landscape at the Golden Gate National Cemetery. Even when I was very young, the sight gave me pause. I don’t remember now, if I prayed for those buried there but I know I thought about them long after the headstones were tiny specks in the distance. I always wanted to visit, I wanted to walk up and down the rows and read the inscriptions on the stones. I asked to stop many times but my parents didn’t take my requests seriously and I never got the chance. I surmise they thought it would be upsetting to me but I never felt that way. I simply wanted to walk there, to feel the atmosphere, to think inside the quiet blanket that surrounded the place. In my own way, I wanted to “talk” to the men who were buried there.

These days I think a lot about those who served and who are currently serving. I think about our fallen and I pray for them and the families/friends they leave behind. I think about how to conduct myself to best honor their service, their sacrifice and to show my gratitude in a concrete way.

On March 2nd 2012, I wrote the following

“This very day, this very hour someone is engaged in a life or death struggle on your behalf. Do not forget to be grateful and by extension show that gratitude by living so that your life is worth the price paid to protect it.”

That’s what I try to do each and every day. I try to make good use of the time I have. That’s because each day I’m given to do my work here is a gift paid for by somebody else.

Enjoy your time, hug your friends, hold your family close…be kind to each other…





10 responses

  1. Doc,

    Love the thoughts and everything you are doing out there. Keep up the hard work.


    1. Hello, hello! Thank you so much for the kind words and all the encouragement. It means a lot to me!

  2. My beautiful spider monkey. are amazing and I am honored to know you! Thank you for all you do!

    1. Lishie! I’m always so happy to read your notes. I have been happily busy lately. Today was the last day of school for the boys so the tempo will pick up a little more. I’ve got my workouts going strong. I accidentally bought another patriotic bikini and I need to be ready to model it by Independence Day. Lol…poor spider monkey has to stuff herself into a little suit soon. It gives me some extra incentive in the gym. Hope all is well and that you’re having very good days!

  3. Great blog. URock Lynn.

    1. I think YOU rock! If you’re comfortable sending me a mailing address, I’d love to send you a book…you are one of my favorite veterans. This book is for you…You can let me know at (I think the original email address you have for me is an old one that got hijacked and so I’m not using it anymore).

  4. I, too, wanted to walk amongst the rows of simple headstones… Read their names and see if they fell in war – or survived. Some survivors are driven until their natural end of life to “be good people”… to make sure that if they survived on account of what a buddy did for him at the cost of his own life… Splendid post.

    1. Thank you! I will never forget the times we’d drive by that particular cemetery. It’s on these gently rolling hills and there are some mature trees there too. When the sun was shining it was a rather striking sight. It always made me want to stop and spend some time…

  5. Good read. Happy Memorial day Doc.

    1. Hello, hello! Thank you…I spent the day with a couple of the kind people who have letters in the Words For Warriors book. We even got nice weather for our little get together. Sure hope your week started off well!

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