Muscle Check

Photo documentation - June 2014

Photo documentation – June 2014

Now and then it’s good to stop and assess how you’re doing in terms your goals.  I have had the same goal for the past 22 years….muscle gain/maintenance  without fat gain.  You can look in the mirror and that tells you plenty but photographs help tell the story as well.  You can’t always see yourself in the mirror properly, especially when it comes to your rear view.  When you’re trying to make an informed assessment a few photos can help round out the overall picture.

The photos I just took tell me that I’ve lost a little bit of mass.  I’m not upset.  I expected that based on my workout program for the last 6 months.  I will take steps to remedy that by switching to a lifting program that focuses a little more on heavy weight and lower reps.  I know that will stimulate muscle growth and I’ll combine the heavy lifting with a few (not too many) extra calories to help things along.  To get the extra calories in comfortably, I’ll just add one extra snack each day…something like almonds and an apple or turkey and avocado roll ups.  Little adjustments make a big difference.  I don’t want to add a ton of extra calories because that just invites fat gain and that’s not what I’m after.

Over the course of the summer, I’m confident that I’ll get some extra muscle to stick to my bones.  Ready, set….LIFT!


8 responses

  1. Beautiful spider monkey muscles. …

    1. Monkey muscle! Monkey muscle! I WANT MORE!!!

  2. Good job Lynn. I hope you had a beautiful, Blessed week

    1. Hi beautiful Mess! It’s been a pretty good week. I’m lifting heavy in an attempt to get some muscle to stick but what else is new? Sure hope all is well with you!

  3. Your arms are amazing!!

  4. still fabo u r

  5. Looking good Lynn! You have the right amount of muscle tone in my opinion. Beautifully buffed. I’m just keeping it real with you my beautiful friend. Have a SUPER Day!

    1. Hi there! You’re very kind. I want more, more, more. Lol…you know how it goes! Got your messages…you made my whole day! I will send you a note after I take my little one to sports camp today. Thank you!!

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