Not Gonna Do It! (The Rear Bikini Pose That Is)

As most of you know, I’ve decided to keep my friend company on his road to the stage this November by doing the contest prep with him.  I’m not going to actually enter the competition but I decided it would be fun to pretend I was and to see what would happen with my physique if I concentrated on getting stage-ready.  My intention is to post photos as I go so I can track my progress and to keep myself accountable.  I figured on November 1st (the day of the competition) I would post photos of myself  doing the traditional bikini poses to see how my physique had developed over the previous three months.  That’s until I saw the rear bikini pose.

Rear pose for bikini competitions

Rear pose for bikini competitions (photo from Google images)

Uhhhh…..NO!  I’m not a prude by any means but this is a pose I wouldn’t feel dignified doing.  It seems more like a “come hither” pose….like one I’d save for a person I was in an intimate relationship with and not something I’d be interested in doing for the public at large.  This is not to criticize bikini competitors in general or this particular competitor.  To each her own.  She’s striking a required pose perfectly and her physique looks great but I wouldn’t be willing to stand like that, on a stage, under the lights for all to see….or to post photos with me in this position.  When I tried to pinpoint what I don’t like about the pose, I finally came up with the fact that it’s the leaning forward posture I’m not comfortable with.  You don’t just turn around to let the judges/audience see if you have a nice v-taper, good muscle development and your legs look proportionally pleasing, you have to lean forward (thereby pushing your behind out) to smooth the appearance of your glutes/hams.  To me, it’s a much more provocative stance than the one figure/bodybuilding women perform.

This is a photo of a rear view pose in a figure competition. (photo from Google images)

This is a photo of a rear pose in a figure competition. (photo from Google images)

In contrast, I don’t mind this rear pose at all.  I would feel perfectly fine standing on stage like this.  Call me Grandma (I don’t mind…she was a great person) but the bikini pose and I most definitely won’t be going public!


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  1. You my beautiful spider monkey would look amazing in ANY pose, but I agree that it is a rather awkward pose…and we all can agree that I am most certainly NOT a prude either. I could never do a bodybuilding show due to the fact that I wouldn’t be caught dead in posing trunks. You can call me grandpa I guess.

    1. Posing trunks for Jay! Monkey wants to see! Lol….yeah, there are poses and “clothing” I’d be happy to demonstrate in my private life that definitely do NOT belong in a public forum. Not everything is for everybody. Yep…channeling my grandma again!

    2. Oh, I forgot….last night I saw a new TV show called Naked Dating. I couldn’t believe these poor girls would agree to such a thing. You meet a guy for the first time for a date but NAKED…and then they film it and put it on this silly show. Wow.

      1. That is crazy…I could never do that, people would not be able to eat! Lol

  2. I was just thinking the exact same thing last week. I by no means know anything about bikini posing, but that tilt forward at the waist to make your backside stick out is a bit dubious to me.

    1. It’s just not a pose I want to strike on in public. I have enough on my hands from people who don’t understand bodybuilding or the fitness lifestyle thinking it’s dubious and shameless way to show off without adding a pose like that into the mix. Try explaining that to the local PTA mom that it’s just showing muscle development. Don’t think I’d win that argument…

      1. Lol! Wouldn’t go over well with the parents. I can see that. I do love your photos I must add. Always tasteful, gorgeous and strong!

  3. Understood. It’s really awesome that you are going through the comp journey though. I can say first hand comp journey specifically the dieting and training can be challenging but I always had the mindset to win or at least place in the top five as the journey can be draining not only physically but emotionally especially when you factor in family life and work. Have I told you lately that UROCK:)

  4. I don’t blame you… I’m a guy, but I kinda wonder about that pose too. Good luck!!!

    1. Hi Al! I’m having a good time these days and I’m feeling energized. Setting a new goal really did the trick. Sure hope you’re doing well. I can hardly believe it’s already time for football practice to start…school days are just around the corner!

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