Snake Oil – September 11, 2014

Caution – This post goes off topic.  You have been warned.  Ha, ha…

flagsEveryone knows that there is a whole industry devoted to helping fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders reach their goals. They sell pills and potions by the gross and promise amazing results if only you’ll fork over some money to buy their product. They lie. We all know it and yet there must be people who buy such things because the manufacturers keep spending money creating and advertising their wares. In the old days people who sold such stuff used to be called snake oil salesmen…They were traveling salesmen and they went from town to town selling to the gullible.

Most of us ignore the ads and move on when confronted with obviously ridiculous claims (pills that will melt fat off your body, crystals you can sprinkle on your food to neutralize calories, tablets that suppress your appetite without any negative side effects). These are little lies but they draw people in who want to believe things that are simply not true.

Those snake oil salesmen tell little lies. Last night a man standing behind a podium, the leader of the free world told a whopper….an enormous whopper. What did he say? His exact quote was “ISIL is not Islamic.” WHAT? What nonsense! Members of ISIL have been quite clear. The man behind the podium may call them ISIL but they call themselves the Islamic State. THE ISLAMIC STATE. What’s not to understand? Ask THEM if they’re Islamic. Read their writing.   There is no grey area in their definition of themselves. We aren’t stupid.  We know that not all adherents to Islam have the same understanding of proper conduct…that’s a given…but members of the Islamic State most certainly rely on their particular understanding of Islam to inform and support their actions in the world.  Telling us that they aren’t practicing Islam (the way they see it) when they’re shouting from the rooftops that they are, is an insult to our intelligence.

Point number one – When someone declares that they are at war with you….you should probably believe them.

Point number two – If you can’t even say who the people are who have declared war on you, if you can’t or won’t properly define them, you cannot prevail against them. Wearing a blindfold while defending yourself is not a good strategy.

Point number three – If you don’t educate yourself, if you don’t try to dig out the truth for yourself you won’t have the information you need to know when someone is blatantly and obviously misleading you about who has declared war on you. Please start reading. Pay attention. The stakes are your lives (and those of your children). Ignorance will not protect you. Being PC won’t protect you. Going along to get along won’t protect you.

On this September 11th, I wish you a peaceful and productive day. Hug your babies, thank those who’ve made a positive difference in your life, hold your friends close…and above all don’t buy snake oil.


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  1. They’re so cute. Hope you and the boys have a Blessed weekend Lynn

    1. Hi! Our weekend was really nice. Good weather for football and the little one’s team won the game. I love these fall days!! House is all decorated for Halloween/fall and I’m waiting for a cold day so I can have a fire and cozy up!

  2. I can’t even begin to explain how much I agree with you…of course, you know what they say about great minds. Also, I wonder if you realize how big of an impact you have made in my life. Thank you for being the best spider monkey a guy could ever ask for! Don’t worry, I only bought a couple of bottles of snake oil. ..

    1. Well you’re the best Lishie EVER in the history of the world! You and I are definitely simpatico…which means that you can feel me over here thinking I’m about to ignite with fury at some of the nonsensical idiocy going on. Ah well, that’s why I love working out. It keeps my disgust at a low simmer so I can sift through things in my mind and then hopefully exert some positive influence in my sphere. I don’t think I could do much in the way of good work if I were to actually burst into flame. Ha, ha…Love you lots Lishie!

  3. Dr. Lynn, what do you think of Ben Carson and Allen West?

    1. Hi and happy Thursday. I have a favorable opinion of both men. I think Ben Carson is a very thoughtful, intelligent man. I worry a little about him joining the fray. Politics is just brutal. There are such underhanded tactics in play. It’s not a gentleman’s game by any means. I don’t know if he’s “hard” enough to survive the fights. He seems like a gentle person. I think he has some wisdom and that he’s a grounded person. I don’t want him torn apart. I’m glad he speaks up. He’s a voice of reason in many conversations. I LOVE Allen West! He’s tough and bright…a great historian, knowledgeable and has an aura of strength. He seems to have “wide vision” and can make a plan then move forward with it. I’m glad he’s out there in the fight!

  4. I wanted to thank a special lady who has made a difference in my life Thank you Lynn

    1. Hi Mess!! You’re the best…thank you so much for your kindness and your friendship! Happy Thursday!

    1. Hi Eric! I will check out the book. I’ve been reading quite a lot on the subject lately and love having a recommendation for some new material. Sure hope you’re doing well and that you’re having great and productive days!

  5. Well said… You are stunning!!!

    1. Hi Al! Thank you so much! I haven’t stopped by in a while but I’m still working hard. I have enjoyed having the puppies to walk with in the morning. They are just full of energy and never get tired!

  6. Hi Lynn. Excellent article! I love your patriotic picture. Extremely beautiful and sexy:)

    1. Matt, thank you! Hope you’re having a great Thursday over there. Had a great walk with my little puppies earlier. They sure wanted to chase all the birds we saw along the way!

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