It’s A Dog’s Life


These pups have energy (and curiosity) to spare!

These pups have energy (and curiosity) to spare!

The puppies are growing fast. They’re happy, healthy and great cardio companions. I knew when we brought them home that they would need a great deal of exercise and I was prepared to see that they got it. It’s been a learning experience for all of us. At first I tried walking them on separate leashes but when one would be trotting forward at a nice pace, the other would veer off to the right, left or even run behind me. We were a funny disaster going down the street. I was sure I was eventually going to trip over one of them and couldn’t figure out what to do to prevent squished puppy. Luckily a friend with more experience advised me to get a Y-leash. It’s been a life saver. I can walk both dogs holding one leash. They like the Y-leash since it keeps them moving in roughly the same direction and therefore they aren’t getting tangled in each other’s leashes anymore.

The Y-leash has been a life saver.  I'm not sure which one of the three  us was most in danger from tangled leashes and tripping events but now we can make it down the street in a much more orderly fashion.  This photo is from this morning.  They seem to grow overnight sometimes!

The Y-leash has been a life saver. I’m not sure which one of the three us was most in danger from tangled leashes and tripping events but now we can make it down the street in a much more orderly fashion. This photo is from this morning. They seem to grow overnight sometimes!

Thankfully, they’re learning better manners when we encounter other dogs on our walks. Their instinct is to bound over to them in a wildly rambunctious fashion. Obviously that’s undesirable since other dogs don’t necessarily want to see them up close and personal, especially since their approach is so energetic. We’ve got that down pretty well. They now wait nicely (most of the time) and are able to walk up to other dogs in a more relaxed manner.

They approach other dogs more quietly and gently these days but they don’t approach other small animals that way at all. They are quite good hunters. So far the body count in the backyard is as follows


TWO RATS – (I never knew we HAD rats in our neighborhood, I had never seen even one but they managed to catch two over the last few weeks. Chasing them to take the rat away from them before they actually eat it is quite the cardio workout.

THREE BIRDS  (a blackbird, a dove and a robin)

They also managed to trap a squirrel in the woodpile and would have eventually gotten it but I heard it screeching and managed to get them out of the area before they could complete the deed. Two days ago they treed a raccoon early in the morning.

Look what I gotz.  Ratz iz good!

Look what I gotz!  Ratz iz good!

We’re having lots of fun over here learning, exploring and exercising together each and every day!

7 responses

  1. Looks like you need to get those two on a sled and burn off some energy. Good thing you have some awesome arms to keep them in under control. Are your kids holding up their end of the bargain with the new pets. Mine never did:)

    1. I swear, I’ve thought seriously about that very thing. The pups really WANT to pull. It’s just natural for them and they are incredibly strong already. I’m trying to figure out how to rig it up so that they can pull me or one of the kids along on a saucer when we go to the mountains (if they want to, which I think they would). I’m now the lightest one in the family so I’d be the one to try first. We’ll see if my idea actually comes to fruition or not. It makes me laugh to think about being pulled along by them…”over the river and through the woods.” The boys are doing fairly well with their responsibilities. I have to say it’s partially my fault because when I see that the backyard needs cleaning I tend to do it right then and there instead of waiting for them to come home from school and do it. They do love the pups and the little one especially is always ready and willing to walk them (with me). He’s very invested in them and the first thing he wants to know is what the pups did while he was at school when I pick him up from school. He spends a lot of time playing with them. The older one (almost 17) is hardly at home between his school and sports activities. He has a very challenging group of classes too so he’s always studying. He seems to like them and will hang out with them but just for a few minutes at a time. He’ll clean up after them if I tell him to but believe me, he’s not a volunteer!

      1. Good luck with the dog sledding this winter. Make sure you get it on video. Could win you some money on America’s funniest home videos. Dogs are a great way to teach kids loyalty. They love you when your happy, mad or sad. To bad humans can’t treat each other the same. Have a great wknd.

  2. u guys look awesome doc

    1. Thanks so much! My goodness, I have to walk FAST to keep up with the pups. They are full of life and they definitely don’t want to go on slow walks. We have a great time and this is such a pretty time of year to be outside!

  3. You look fantastic and sexy legs and gorgeous smile

    1. Arite! Thank you…I tell you, walking the dogs up all these hills is a great help for my legs. I’m not really a runner so I power walk along with the puppies. They have boundless energy and there’s no quit in them. I have to keep up! Hope you’re doing well and that your week is ending on a great note!

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