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Here we go again. If you remember, I recently wrote about a possible public health issue I anticipated becoming problematic. My concern centered on the great number of people who have crossed the border over the last few months from Central America, then were flown by the Feds all over our country and deposited (often without notice given to local officials) in American cities far and wide. The morality and/or wisdom of such action aside, my admonishment was to watch your local classrooms and communities for new faces and to be unafraid to ask specific, pointed questions of administrators regarding the immunization status of all students. It’s a documented fact that the Feds were aware that some of the children were not properly immunized but the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, made it clear to school districts that the children MUST be allowed to attend public school if they showed up.

The advice I gave wasn’t meant to be alarming, just informative since I believe you deserve to know if your children may be at risk from this policy.

As you may or may not know, there is now a virus on the scene sweeping through the country. It’s called Enterovirus 68, it’s a respiratory in nature and seems to affect young children, who already present with asthma, the most severely. According to the CDC, as of September 19th, the virus had a presence in 22 states. Emergency rooms in many places have been overwhelmed by the number of children coming in. The virus seems to have popped up in several places simultaneously. The CDC and other organizations have declined to say where the virus might have originated. Further impeding the matter regarding pinpointing the origin is the fact the Feds are reluctant to release information regarding where, exactly, the children who came across the border were placed. We also don’t have good information regarding where all the adults went. Some of the locations of the children are known and the map below details places some of them were released to people who claimed to be their family members (many living in the United States without having gone through lawful immigration channels themselves).

This map was taken from the following article.  You can read the entire thing here.

This map was taken from the following article and you can read the entire content here.  Keep in mind that although about half of the 66,000 children who were detained were placed with guardians and half were placed in foster homes/government sponsored facilities, we have no idea where those who walked across but avoided being detained ended up.

True, Enterovirus has been around for a long time. It was first seen in the United States in 1962 in a small cluster but this strain has not been seen in recent years and never in such numbers. True, we can’t really do an overlay of where the children were placed (since the Feds aren’t keen on sharing that information) and where the virus has appeared to see if that is a possible source. We can only speculate using our good sense and intuition but there are now doctors and other health professionals who are speaking out to say that the great influx of children from Central America over the summer may well be the origin of the outbreak. There’s certainly more than a small possibility that this is true. Time will tell. We do know that government officials flew and drove the Central American children all around the country often without taking time to wait until it was known if they were carrying infectious diseases and they forced schools to accept them whether or not they were immunized.

Would immunizations have helped quell the spread of Enterovirus? No, there is no immunization for it but keeping them under proper supervision to see that they didn’t develop illnesses that could be passed to the communities they were placed in was entirely possible. Unfortunately, the optics of children, detained in medical quarantine was too much for the Feds to stomach. They knew that outrage over the mass influx could grow unmanageable and might open them to questions they’d rather not answer.

They were absolutely intent on dispersing the incoming children (and adults) as quickly as possible.  They wanted them out of the sight of the public.  Doing what they should have to impede the spread of infectious disease might have damaged their message that there isn’t anything at all wrong with people coming en masse over our southern border. It might have drawn scrutiny conflicting with what Alejandro Mayorkas, the Deputy Homeland Security Secretary, said in a September 16th Time Magazine article, “The border is more secure than ever before” or Vice President Biden’s July 13th press briefing statement that, “The border is secure”  or the President’s statement that “We strengthened security at the borders so that we could finally stem the tide of illegal immigrants. We put more boots on the ground on the southern border than at any time in our history. And today, illegal crossings are down nearly 80 percent from their peak in 2000.”

Oh…oopsie…the President said that on, January 29, 2013…well before 66,000 children simply walked across our southern border and into the United States.

Luckily, Enterovirus has proven to be concerning, sometimes scary, but not deadly. That’s very fortunate for us but remember, there are other communicable diseases such as Tuberculosis that are still much more prevalent in countries to our south. The Feds were well aware of this but that but that didn’t stop them from surreptitiously mixing people who had an unknown health status with our population. Knowing this, I again caution you to be aware of what’s happening in your communities and schools. We know good health is the most precious thing we have and it’s worth protecting.

*in light of the recent evidence that our officials will knowingly put our population at risk if it serves their overall purpose, I must add that I have serious reservations about sending our military to Africa to “combat Ebola.” We keep hearing it’s not a risk to us here at home or to our troops who will be trained to deal with it. If the risk of transmission is so low when you know proper procedure, it doesn’t make sense that so many medical professionals with excellent training, who have bravely volunteered to help, have contracted it and died. Add to this that the Africans are often distrustful of outsiders and suspect them of actually giving them the disease (they run and hide from aid workers and they have attacked and killed people trying to help them) and it’s a bad mix. I do think they need and deserve help containing the virus. I just question if that’s a job for the American military (on the ground in Africa). With the record this administration has displayed regarding rules and procedures to keep American troops safe and knowing the way they’ve been playing fast and loose with other infectious disease, it just doesn’t sit well.

Guard your health, my friends!

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  1. It is no secret to you that I love my country. is 9th of the main reasons that I serve the people of this great nation. It scares me to see what our current administration is doing to me country. I place blame on all politicians that are not doing anything about it. The Senate hasn’t passed a budget in more than 6 years. They should all be fired. I took an oath to the people of the United States and our Constitution. I pray every day that God gives strength and knowledge to those in positions of leadership.

    1. Wow. ..pardon all of the typos, it is terrible. I guess that is what I get for typing this on my phone

  2. This is very alarming, although Enterovirus is not deadly. I also feel bad for the Central American children who are escaping unrest in their countries, as they are just children. However, the American people should be informed.

    1. It’s just an awful thing all the way around. Not doing due diligence in terms of making sure ALL the kids are kept healthy is horrible. They say there are a lot more coming now that the hot weather is on the wane and the crossing will be easier (thorough the desert). I wish our elected officials would do what their supposed to and enforce laws on the books not lure people into the country with the hope of being granted citizenship without going through the channels everyone else has to. Those kids are often hurt on their way here..

      1. Stay healthy and hope the situation improves.

      2. Totally off topic but I love your hair! Really beautiful! Hope you have a great weekend!

      3. Awwww. Thanks! Have a great weekend as well.

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