Choppy Seas

I’ve been a bit unmoored the past couple of weeks. I found out that my friend, who I was keeping company on his way to a bodybuilding competition in November wasn’t going to be able to compete after all because of a work commitment. I had been having fun on my quest to see what my physique would look like on that November day if I tried to get competition ready (even if I wasn’t really going to step on stage). I didn’t feel the same commitment knowing that my friend was delaying his debut under the lights until next year. For a while I wasn’t sure what to do with myself since I felt exactly like a balloon with the air let out. I kept working out and eating reasonably but my enthusiasm was most definitely on low.


I decided to do what I always do when I’m not sure what goal to pursue. I decided to concentrate my workouts on the body parts I get the most pleasure out of seeing improve. I’ve recently focused my attention on workouts designed to improve biceps, triceps and shoulders. I will keep that as my primary goal for the next little while and I do have a good reason (besides just liking working on biceps, triceps and shoulders) to put quality effort into it. I have to post a birthday photo in November.

Due to advanced age my birthday cakes are starting to look like this!

Due to advanced age my birthday cakes are starting to look like this!

Yes, it’s almost that time again. I’ve made it a point to post a birthday photo documenting the state of my physique each of the past 6 years. I don’t want to see a side by side comparison of where I was last year compared to this year and be disappointed in my effort/results. That’s plenty of motivation for me!

Sometimes gym goals are interrupted and you have to change course. That’s OK, you just adjust and keep moving forward. I always wish for smooth sailing but when I get blown off course, I know I can still end up in a good place.  I just remind myself that…




12 responses

  1. Regarding biceps and birthdays: More is better.

    1. Aw…I definitely want bigger biceps…and birthdays too. Regarding birthdays, I decided to just celebrate the day but not add age any more. I can do that, right? Happy weekend to you!

  2. Well my beautiful spider monkey, I personally can’t believe that your arms or shoulders could look any better. Been busy and stressed lately, trying to pull it all together again. I promised you some news and haven’t sent it to you yet…but I will. Until then, stay awesome and I adore you!

    1. News! News! Send the news! Hope your week went well and that you have a great weekend. I’m off to a football game this morning (the little one plays). Should be nice hanging out watching the game!

  3. I hear a hint of sadness about your upcoming birthday. Speaking for myself I’m looking forward to your upcoming birthday and another spectacular photo showing what you have accomplished in the last 12mths.

    1. You see that cake covered in candles? Oh my…how did I get SO old? Lol….Hope you’re doing well and enjoying these pretty fall days. Happy weekend to you!

  4. Check your email

  5. Lynn those candles are for how many times I will always say per day as to how gorgeous, beauty, and sexy you are with an awesome physique that’s out of this universe 😉

    1. Hi sweet Artie! Thank you for the million watt smile you put on my face! You’re wonderful! Hope you have a fantastic, relaxing weekend!

  6. Well said… I love the “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”…

    1. I was doing so well but once I found out my friend couldn’t do the show, I didn’t want to keep going in that direction. I like that expression too…I think about it when I run into obstacles. Happy weekend over there!

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