As a person who’s interested in health issues, I’m positively sick over the emergence of Ebola in the United States of America. This is a serious public health issue…deadly serious. Despite the fact that our government officials are charged with protecting us to the best of their abilities, they still will not see that there are strict measures taken to assess people for illness before they get on flights into America from hot zones. I’m a realist. I know full well that even if you took every single available precaution including canceling all flights from those countries, there is still the chance that Ebola could slip through the cracks. That being said. shouldn’t we TRY to do the things we know could thwart the spread here?

Not only are we still accepting travelers from the hot zones, we are also, through some kind of demented reasoning leaving our borders (particularly the southern border) wide open. We know it’s wide open since just a few months ago approx 66,000 CHILDREN walked across and into the country…and mind you those were the ones who were counted. It stands to reason that many were never seen or in any way accounted for.

There is supposition in the medical community (and it’s still being investigated) that the children, who were taken by the Feds and dispersed in communities all over the United States are a possible origin for the large outbreak of Enterovirus 68 which has swept across our country, sickened many and unfortunately is now responsible for several deaths.

I consider the Enterovirus outbreak to have been a brilliant, technicolor shot across the bow. How can we, in good conscience, continue to knowingly expose our population to terrible diseases?

Just two weeks ago the President came before the people and said “It’s unlikely that Ebola will come to the United States” and promised that they were putting procedures into place in the affected countries in Africa to keep Ebloa carriers from getting on flights to the west (and as an aside, a few days ago, a CDC spokesman assured us that the chances of us seeing Ebola in the U.S. was “infinitesimal”).

Well, as my son would say, the President’s little plan was clearly “an epic fail.” Perhaps it would be good to re-think that position. BUT NO…

Instead of guarding the health and welfare of American citizens, the open border advocates are doubling down. The President made a speech at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus dinner a couple of days ago pledging to enact executive amnesty after the November elections. Why wait until after the elections you ask? Because he knows full well it’s against the will of the majority of American people and it might hurt his party’s chances in their races so he’s delaying just a bit. Those who oppose rewarding law breakers and putting them ahead of immigrants who come through proper channels got a little reprieve but just until after the votes are counted. The President has made it abundantly clear that he will bypass Congress and furthermore is going to side with foreign nationals over American citizens in this matter. His speech also served as yet another Siren’s call to our neighbors to the south to send their children into our country ASAP so they can be included in the promised executive amnesty. There’s reason to assume we will see more children coming into the country as a result.

In a repeat of what we saw last time, they will come with a host of unfortunate conditions like lice and scabies which luckily are relatively easily addressed, but also possibly carrying viruses foreign to American children or other undesirable things such as drug resistant TB. If the last influx is any indication, they probably won’t be held long enough to be medically cleared before they are dispersed across the nation. Add to the mix all the other people from far-flung places (including the African continent), who are able to cross into the U.S. at will and who are similarly unscreened for disease, combined with an active Ebola outbreak in West Africa and it’s a recipe for disaster.

There’s a reason I have a locking front door at my house. It’s so I can control who comes in. I don’t open my door to uninvited strangers because it’s potentially dangerous to me and my family. It goes against common sense to take the door off the hinges and just leave access to my house up to people who may not have my best interests at heart. We’re all smart enough to be gatekeepers into our personal domains so what’s wrong with asking our government officials to see that there are gatekeepers into our public domain…our sovereign nation?

Doors serve a purpose

Doors serve a purpose

I’m not arguing that stopping all disease is possible. That’s not realistic but for goodness’ sake instituting better air travel requirements and asking that people not be able to walk unimpeded across our borders and disappear into our population without knowing who they are and if they’re carrying infectious disease is a reasonable request.  Anything less is foolish, dangerous and perhaps even worse, it’s willfully self-destructive.

Lawmakers who turn a blind eye, in times such as these, are purposely ignoring their oath to protect American citizens. Watching spokespeople appear on the dais with their made-for-tv-concern and their I’m-ever-so-sincere tones, watching them wring their hands while trying to convince the gullible that they are doing all they can to address the situation, makes me feel sick inside. Unfortunately, their dithering around with regard to putting effective measures into place against infectious diseases entering (oh yeah..and from that pesky ISIS that’s declared war on the United States) via unrestricted air travel and an open border might really make me sick. Any one of us might get sick and depending on what we catch (or who catches us), it just might kill us.


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  1. Did you read who he put in charge of this whole Ebola thing? An effing political lobbyist…Unbelievable!

    1. Ummmm, hmmmmm….haven’t seen hide nor hair of him either. Just when you think it can’t get any more stupid or destructive, it DOES. WTH…

  2. What is going to happen when the cold and flu season hits? Maybe we will all be more responsible and stay home when we dont feel right. But the odds are I will be sitting next to someone coughing and hacking all over the friendly skies.

    1. I can only imagine! It’s probably going to be a horrible mess! Everyone will think they have symptoms and will likely panic. The cost is might be enormous since they’ll have to treat many people as if they have Ebola initially even if they don’t. Here’s to hoping NOBODY hacks or coughs in your direction…or mine!

  3. When gov’t officials and so called experts tell the American citizens to not worry and everything is under control that is when I get worried, take precautions and be prepared.

    1. That’s right! As soon as I hear…”Don’t worry, nothing to see here, move on” I’m alarmed! I always try and be prepared…Hope you’re doing well and that you had a good week!

  4. I could see it was just a matter of time, because Governments – all Governments – are notoriously incompetent at this sort of thing.

    Keep your immune system strong. I think the US is in for an Ebola epidemic.

    1. Yes, I’m looking for more cases to pop up, unfortunately! I’m not very happy with the way things are being handled. You’re right this is not an area that governments typically handle well.

      1. I’m actually getting pretty annoyed by the ebola issue at the moment. It’s like it didn’t matter because it was “just those poor black people over there…somewhere in Africa” for years and years. Now it’s actually affecting WHITE people, everyone is panicking.

        The racism of it all is so overt and nasty, it makes me ashamed to be human 😦

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