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I’m always switching up my routine in order to keep my interest peaked and to challenge my body in different ways. Currently, I’m doing my own version of German Volume training (GVT). I’ve taken on this intense form of mass building before and enjoyed surprising success. I could see the results in increased muscle thickness but beyond that it’s a psychological challenge which ends up making me feel like a card-carrying member of


The following article from Muscle and Fitness describes the traditional way of doing German Volume Training

German Volume Training: Build More Size in 6 Weeks
Blast your muscles into growth mode with slow eccentrics and high volume.
Anthony J. Yeung, CSCS

If you’re searching for the ultimate workout program to achieve massive muscular growth, look no further—German Volume Training (GVT) is a time-tested system that’s as torturous as it is effective. Rather than overcomplicating your routine, the philosophy of GVT is simple: subject your body with enough volume to force it to grow.
Ten sets of 10 repetitions. Big multi-joint exercises. Slow, four-second eccentrics. Limited rest. Rinse and repeat.
By blasting that much volume and time-under-tension onto your muscles, you’ll create an unmatched stimulus for muscle growth and repair. You’ll flood your fibers with blood to generate a superhuman pump. You’ll create massive hypertrophy in your slow-twitch muscle fibers. On a biological level, you’ll also increase the mitochondrial and capillary density within your slow-twitch muscles to recover better between sets and become fatigue-resistant.
How to Do German Volume Training
Each workout is divided between your upper and lower body, both done twice per week. All you need are two exercises per workout: one that pulls and one that pushes—that way, you’re strengthening non-competing muscle groups while pounding your fibers with multi-joint movements that target a lot of mass simultaneously.
The only exception to the 10×10 is your legs. When you do squats, for example, all of your leg muscles are working to varying degrees. And subjecting your leg muscles to 200 total repetitions would be overkill. Thus, split your workout into 60 reps with one exercise (knee-dominant) and 60 with another (hip-dominant).
One last warning: GVT is brutal. You use every morsel of rest to suck wind and you feel a horrible burn with every second under the bar. (4-second eccentrics for 10 reps add up to almost minute-long sets.) After your set, you’ll throw the weights off, slump by a corner in a daze, stalk the clock until 60 or 90 seconds elapse, and do it again.
THEREFORE, YOU MUST START LIGHT. Starting too heavy will destroy your progress. The rule is to use 60 percent of your one-rep max, but I’d start even lower than that. Also, do GVT for only six to eight weeks at most to avoid overtraining.
Finally, eat like a horse. GVT is NOT a fat-loss program or even a maintenance routine—it’s for growth. You need to give your body enough calories and nutrients to repair and build. For extra fuel to burn, sip BCAAs or a protein shake before and during your workout.

I am doing 100 reps of each exercise I take on for the week. This week that included

Pull ups
Bicep Curls
Shoulder Press
Upright Rows
Tricep pull downs (rope)
Hamstring Curls
Calf Raises
Push ups

In addition I did some abs training and some extra shoulder training (side raises).
The rule I go by (as usual I changed things to suit my particular tastes and preferences) is that once I start the 100 reps, I can break them down into sets any way I want but I have to get through them with minimal rest time. I use moderate weight for this since a weight that doesn’t challenge me at the beginning often proves to be quite difficult as I get over the 50 rep mark. My breakdowns are not pre-planned, they just depend on how I’m feeling as I go along. If it’s not difficult enough, I increase the weight I’m using or increase the number of reps I do at a time. If I start to feel that burning sensation and the swell of blood into the muscle during the brief rest time, I know I’m hitting it just right.

This method of training has worked well for me in the past and I’m looking forward to seeing some positive changes over the next weeks!

I NEED more mass.  MORE!

I NEED more mass. MORE!



10 responses

  1. You are beautifully buffed. You have just the right amount of muscle. Miss you!

    1. Hi Matt!! Thank you. That was a very nice compliment…and one I liked reading a lot. I’m really pretty skinny right now so I especially appreciate it! I need to eat…which will happen over the holidays…

  2. Well my beautiful spider monkey, you look fantastic! I have been busy with appointments and such. Trying to keep my spirits up. I come to your blog to get inspiration and of course to check on the most awesome person ever! Be good and God Bless!

    1. Hi Lishie!! Happy Halloween. I wanna see your costume. I am a witch…as usual! Lol…my creativity knows no bounds. I was thinking, next year I want to be a fairy. I’m going to get a little costume with a tiara and a sparkly wand and I’m going to wear it every day for a week! Yes, I will wash it in between wearings. I’m not going to be a ripped and stained fairy. The older I get, the more I think I’ll just do as I please. Lol…lil monkey has gone crazy (crazy-er)!

  3. You look wonderful just the way God has planned. : )

    1. Hi Mess! Happy day to you! I hope you’re doing well and enjoying these pretty fall days. Soon it’s going to be so COLD. Every day I go out with the dogs, I make sure to enjoy the temperature and the lovely scenery. I know it’s going to shift soon…

  4. You’re intense. Viel Glück und viel Erfolg. Wir warten gespannt auf den Resultatsbericht.

    1. Lol…Thank you for the wonderful note…I especially like that “pretty princess” and “awesome physique” part! Hope YOUR workouts are going well. I need to increase my caloric intake so I can build a little more muscle. I think I’ll try that over the holidays since that’s naturally a big eating time. Wishing you great workouts and a fantastic day!

  5. You look terrific!!!! Keep it up!

    1. Hi Al….thank you for the pat on the back! Bet this is a crazy night for you so I’m sending you wishes for a nice, easy time! Hope those workouts are going well!

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