Halloween 2014…Boo!

Working on my witch's brew with my little black cats...

Working on my witch’s brew with my little black cats…

Happy Halloween!

My goodness, life got crazy there for a minute (as it is wont to do at times). Things don’t always go according to plan so you enjoy the calm, smooth-as-glass times all the while knowing that you should expect the unexpected. It’s like learning to juggle with three balls. There you are, doing just fine and then someone throws in a fourth. All of a sudden, your happy rhythm (the one you keep without even trying) is gone and you’re all thumbs…until you adjust. It happens to everyone. It happened to me. I have a motto, a phrase I think about during times like that. It’s what I aspire to and I say it to myself…as a reminder, an admonishment, a prayer.


There’s an image I think about too. It’s of a person flailing about in the water, drowning and someone there in the water with them trying to help. I always think how much easier rescue could be if the person in need isn’t over the edge with panic, scratching, grabbing and pulling on the person who’s there to assist them. I think it’s probably that way when you call on God in a time of need. It’s much easier to discern which way is up, what constitutes proper action, if you can not only ask for guidance, but then listen studiously for the answer…a thing harder to accomplish if you’re full of fear, jumping about, hither and yon, in your own mind.

On this last day of October, I’m sending you wishes for a happy Halloween day and night.  November is my birthday month so a physique photo (or two) and analysis is forthcoming soon.

Enjoy this beautiful day!

Enjoy your day!

Enjoy your day!


6 responses

  1. You are such an amazing Lady

    1. And you’re an amazing man! Happy to have you for a friend. Hope your day is going perfectly!

  2. Enjoy! I love your witch’s hat.

    1. Thank you! Every Halloween I switch out my baseball cap for a witch’s hat. Must say something about my inner personality! Lol…wishing you great workouts in the days ahead!

  3. what a beautiful smile and gorgeous feet lol…you seem to keep getting younger and younger

    1. Artie! I wish I was getting younger but I could keep the wisdom I’ve gained with age. Is that too much to ask? Lol….Thank you for the nice compliments! Made my day!

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