One Of My Favorite Days To Reflect




Happy Veterans Day 2014

Happy Veterans Day 2014


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  1. Such a wonderful expression for you to do this for our veterans. I’m sure that it’s greatly appreciated!


    1. I just want them to feel appreciated. My photos are one tiny way to say “Thanks.”

      1. Don’t underestimate how much they appreciate your kind gesture. I’m sure it’s much more than tiny. 🙂

  2. You are such a wonderful Blessing Lynn

    1. So are YOU. Thank you Mess. You know I think you’re fantastic. Sure hope you’re enjoying these days. It’s a little cold here today but I’ll be taking the puppies for a walk soon. They LOVE the cold weather…

  3. This is the best Vet day gift a man could get. You are beyond beautiful.

    1. Adom! Hello there…so happy that you left me a note (and a VERY nice one at that). You know those are my favorite type of photo to post. I just have such love and respect for our veterans! Hope you’re doing well (in the gym and out).

  4. Love your legs…they are getting muscular and love the abs and smile

    1. Thank you! They aren’t as bad as they look in the photo. Lol…I have been hill walking with the puppies and it’s helped my legs…but you can’t see it that well in pictures. Maybe it’s the light…I’m going to blame SOMETHING! Lol

  5. Hey Super Star, I just knew you would be posting an awesome pic today. You are the best. Semper Fi!!!

    1. Derek!! Hello my friend. So happy that you stopped by. I’m having the best time these days exercising with….my dogs! Isn’t that funny? I thought the puppies were just a present for my boys but it turns out that we’ve become great friends going on lots of looooong walks. When I say walk, I mean I have to race walk with them. They have NO patience for slow. Ha…keeps me in shape however. Sure hope you’re doing well and enjoying your days in the gym!

  6. Thank you for your support! Semper Fi

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