Putting Your Head In The Sand Is A Bad Plan

I love Oxygen magazine. I particularly like it for the photographs of muscular, obviously dedicated female lifters. It’s one of the only monthly publications out there devoted to women who take weight training seriously. When people ask me how to get started with a training and nutrition program, among other things, I recommend they get a subscription to Oxygen.

One of my favorite magazines for women who are interested in weight training and good nutrition.

One of my favorite magazines for women who are interested in weight training and good nutrition.

That being said, I also admonish them to ignore the copious ads for weight loss pills and potions which I heartily disapprove of. The ads appeal to people because they promise an easy way to accomplish their goals…but they don’t work well, especially over the long haul. Even if they worked (and I have serious doubts as to the safety and efficacy of them) what’s the benefit of pills that help you lose weight? Eventually you have to stop taking them and then what? You puff right back up and end up exactly where you started.

Oxygen promotes lots of these types of products. Look what was on the back cover in the last issue.

"I had to cut back on the amount of ABT I was using because I got tired of buying larger bras."  Yeah...riiiiiiggghhhttt....

“I had to cut back on the amount of ABT I was using because I got tired of buying larger bras.” Yeah…riiiiiiggghhhttt….

That’s right! You can use this cream to firm up your sagging boobs and to increase your bra size.  Just rub it on and VOILA! Now, who really believes this?  It’s just silly but there it is in print along with great testimonials.  If you go to the website you’ll see a video that fully supports the use of this product to make breasts larger.

The lesson here is that just because it’s in print, or just because someone in “authority” tells you something doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s so easy to pinpoint in certain areas but apparently difficult for some to discern in others.

Just this morning, I woke up to yet another devastatingly violent act, this time committed in France by adherents of Islam. They were angry about a newspaper that published parodies of “the prophet.” This, could not be tolerated (free speech is not an Islamic value, regardless of where in the world they live) and so gunmen arrived at the publication headquarters and slaughtered at least 12 of their fellow human beings.

Now I’m waiting…waiting for the media to write about this incident and for political leaders to feed me the party line. They’ll tell me that “This isn’t Islam,” that the shooters weren’t Islamic and that “Islam is a religion of peace.”  They do it every time. They’ll mumble something about isolated acts and mental illness and lone wolves, then quickly move on.

These murderous radicals run around screaming “allahu akbar” as they blow people to pieces, as they rape, crucify and behead those who don’t share their ideology all while repeatedly explaining how this behavior IS mandated by their religion. Fools that they are, Western progressive media and politicians will completely discount how these people self-identify. They’ll tell you what they wish was true…that these people aren’t following religiously based directives as they understand them.

To be clear, I’m not saying these people are representative of the adherents of Islam….THEY SAY THEY ARE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE ADHERENTS OF ISLAM. I’m suggesting it’s in our best interests to believe them.

Sometimes, you ignore reality and the consequences are relatively minor. For instance you buy a potion to burn fat or increase your bra size advertised in a fitness magazine. You only risk losing a little money and being disappointed. If, however, you ignore what people tell you about themselves and their intentions toward you, if you ignore that they’ve declared you an enemy to be defeated you put yourself in mortal danger.

As I told you before, your ignorance won’t protect you. It just makes you and your children better targets.

*President Obama just issued a statement as I finished this piece.  He condemned the “attack” in France but didn’t mention Islam or jihad a single time.

That’s right…put your head in the sand and maybe it’ll all work out fine.

Perhaps when you eventually  pull your head out of the sand, you'll be skinny with big boobs...or maybe not!

Perhaps when you eventually pull your head out of the sand, you’ll be skinny with big boobs…or maybe not!





4 responses

  1. Shoot, I am have been taking that for a while and my boobs are massive. Unfortunately, I think it has been trickling a bit south. ..I am starting to look a bit pregnant.

    1. P.S.

      Eff those radical bast#rds!!!

      1. I have spent quite a bit of time reading about and researching Islam in depth (and my study is ongoing). I like to KNOW what I’m discussing and not just talk off the top of my head. All this dancing around some of the obvious problems growing out of their texts (and the political system based on them) by our politicians (and the progressives who supposedly love equal rights/treatment for women and gay people etc.) is unbelievable to me. Just a couple of days ago in Syria they were killing gay people by throwing them off buildings, they just killed 13 boys in Mosul for watching soccer on TV, slaughtered more than 100 school children in Pakistan (and burned at least one teacher alive while demanding the children watch), went on a murderous rampage in France and burned down a dozen Christian churches in Nigeria (all while citing Islamic law as the reason). It’s a daily horror show across the globe. I don’t have to tell you…you know better than most but I’m always surprised by the absolute refusal of so many to open their eyes to what these people tell us they are doing and WHY. They aren’t random acts popping up out of nowhere…it’s mandated behavior…coming from their texts…which is exactly what they are telling us over and over and over…

    2. Ah ha…I wanna see your boobs! Lol. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw that ad. I even went to their website. I thought it had to be a joke or a spoof (like in the Onion) but they were seriously trying to take people’s money to increase their bust size! Crazy!

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