“It’s Healthy!”


This doesn’t happen to me but DOES happen to my kids on a regular basis.  I send them to the store for a few groceries and they come home with some kind of junk food that they try to convince me is actually good for them.  For instance, they’ll arrive at the front door with big grins on their faces, holding giant sized bottles of Pepsi.  “It doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup, Mom.  It has natural sugar.  It’s healthy!”  Oh dear…

Yes, it's made with real sugar....a WHOLE BUNCH of real sugar!

it’s made with real sugar….a WHOLE BUNCH of real sugar!

Yes, they do know better but they try to get away with what they can.  As a person who grew up eating Sugar Smacks and Pop Tarts for breakfast, I know a few indulgences won’t hurt them a bit.  I have to laugh at all the different, creative ways they come up with to try to justify their junk food purchases.



3 responses

  1. I think you have some future lawyers on your hands.

  2. Thought you might like this: A friend told me he mixes half water with his favorite soft drink, adds lots of ice, and enjoy natural sugar drinks with half the sugar. You still have the flavor (obviously not as strong), It satisfies your craving. In moderation, it’s not terribly bad for you. And it goes twice as far because it’s now a concentrate. I think that’s brilliant! Thanks for your blog posts. I read them when I have time. — Paul White, KodaMax Enterprises, Reno USA

    1. That’s a great idea! When my kids were young I’d mix sparkling water and a little bit of cranberry juice and called it “soda.” That worked for years but there’s no fooling them now. They actually make pretty good choices for themselves (although the younger one does have quite a sweet tooth). So glad you stop by now and then. I’m always flattered to hear that someone takes time to read my posts! Hope you’re having a great week!

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