Celebration Of Service Friday (Army)

United States Army

“It takes extraordinary courage and love to dedicate your life to protecting the lives and liberties of family and friends who you know, family and friends of those you don’t know and your country as a whole.”  Thank you.


9 responses

  1. Well my favorite little spider monkey, I have never seen my branches logo look so amazing! Did I ever mention to you that I kinda dig your legs? Anyway, your support has always been appreciated, and your posts always brighten my day. I most certainly adore you Miss Lynn!

    1. …and shoes!! Do you like the shoes? Lol…Those are the shoes I squat in. I have to wait until the gym is empty though…for some weird reason people tend to stare! Humph

    2. Oh yeah…and I adore you back!

    3. Of course I love the shoes. ..

  2. Those are some beautiful feet you have there Lynn…beautiful smile, beautiful healthy skin, sexy shoulders, beautiful shredded upper body, sexy smooth gorgeous legs, and the list goes on

    1. ARTIE!! Happy, happy Tuesday to you. I haven’t done my exercise today…I better get on it so I can continue to have the pleasure of your compliments! Hope you’re having an excellent day!

  3. Whoooo Hoooo!

  4. Doc thank you and u look fabulous

    1. Thank so much! I had fun trying to put that photo together. Makes me happy that you like it!

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