Celebration Of Service Friday (#5)

I’m out of military tribute photos featuring myself..  Some of you will be very glad to hear that.  I mean, really, it’s probably tiresome looking at the same physique from the left…then from the right….then in sunlight…then in shade.  Nevertheless, I decided to keep my Celebration of Service Fridays in place for now, because, because, ummmm because I want to!  That’s the beauty of having your very own blog.  You get to do whatever you want.  You get to be the boss!


Golly, they were right -  all that weight lifting makes me look kinda manly!

Golly, they were right – all that weight lifting makes me look kinda manly!

This doesn’t mean I won’t ever post photos of myself on Celebration of Service Fridays just that I’m reserving the space for other photos and thoughts as well.



Wishing you a happy, healthy, safe weekend!  On Monday, I’ll be back to warn you about those little gremlins who pop up at this time of year to sabotage your nutritional plan.  Gremlins….otherwise known as Girl Scouts (I was one of them).

God Bless America!


9 responses

  1. I MISS YOUR FACE! !!!

  2. You’re a wonderful American, Doctor. Sure wish there were more of you…

    1. Thank you…it’s a mutual admiration society because I think you’re just wonderful. I’m Impressed with your writing, your photography, your support of veterans, your loving dad demeanor….shall I go on? Sure glad I ran into you out here in cyberspace. Wishing you an excellent week ahead!

  3. agreed we don’t ever get tired of your pics but be as drunk with power as you like.

    1. Hi Tom! Made me smile to hear from you. Glad to know you’re out there and I hope your days i(both n and out of the gym) are going well! Thanks for the nice comment. I have some fun photos of other people to share in the weeks coming up….a little variety will be nice, I think. Enjoy the week ahead!

  4. Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.

    1. Yes! Happy Monday to you. Hope your week is off to an excellent start. I enjoy your Sunday posts very much! They make for good reading early in the morning.

  5. Never get tired of u doc

    1. You’re sweet….thank you. I have a little collection of military tribute photos that other people have done. I think they’re beautiful and will share some of them as the weeks go on. Wishing you a happy Monday and an excellent start to your week.

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