Mid-March Assessment



I was hoping that I could retain a good portion of my mass even if I worked out differently than I always have.  It isn’t going well.  I’m not happy with the amount of muscle I’m carrying right now.  I don’t think I look terrible but I’m certainly not satisfied.  I’ve developed that thin, reedy look that doesn’t please me.  I look more like a ballerina or aerobic bunny than a lifter.

One day I’ll probably have to accept this type of physique (and I’ll be happy to have it) when I just can’t go as hard and heavy with the weights…but that day hasn’t arrived yet.  I think the lighter, less challenging routine has given my body a good rest so now I’ll turn up the heat.  I want my bigger shoulders back!


I need to pump up shoulders and triceps and melt a little more winter fluff off my frame at the same time.

I need to pump up shoulders and triceps and then work on getting shredded.  Lots of work ahead!


17 responses

  1. You and my oldest son would make great workout buddies. He still benches 400#… and he is 5’6″.

    1. Wow! That’s a great bench. He’s really strong! Very nice that he works out…a lot of young people don’t do a thing!

  2. Looking good on Paddy’s Day! Have fun!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m back to working hard. Mr. Mirror tells me I need bigger shoulders and triceps…IMMEDIATELY. Ha…I’m an impatient soul. I have to remember that it takes time to lose mass and it takes time to gain it back. Hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick’s day!

  3. You are still my favorite regardless of how anyone sees you

    1. You’re a sweet darling. Thank you! I need to put some work in over here so I can have the shoulders/triceps I want. No slackers, right? Hope you had an excellent St. Patrick’s day!

      1. Hearing from you always makes me happy

  4. Doc, u look fabulous lean and mean core amazing

    1. Thank you. I’m setting my sights on bigger shoulders/triceps in the near future. Worked out really hard today so I’m on the road! Hope you had a fantastic St. Patrick’s day!!

  5. You look great. I have the opposite problem — I have plenty of mass without definition. I might have to cut back on sweets. Our gym is next to a grocery store with a pastry shop. Location, location, location. There is a liquor store on the other side. That is not a temptation for me, but might be for some.

    1. My old gym was very close to a place that sold fried chicken. That’s one of my weaknesses. It wasn’t a fast food place, it had REAL homestyle fried chicken. It was practically irresistible. There were time when I HAD to treat myself. Yum!! Step outside your gym and it’s eat, drink and be merry! Ha…

    2. Perhaps it is best you do not live near my kitchen, sir. ☺

      1. I wish I lived near your kitchen. You make some really delicious sounding things….and I LOVE to eat!!

  6. I’ll take those shoulders 🙂

    1. Aw…thank you. I’m going to have to put some extra attention on building them up a little more over the next few weeks. I want boulders (but I’ll settle for lil rocks).

  7. Beautiful and stunning! 💪

    1. Thank you…and happy Tuesday. You’re very kind. I want a little more muscle on the shoulders and arms so I’m working to make that happen. Killed myself in the gym today but I’m keeping in mind the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Hope you’re having a good St. Patrick’s Day!

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