No Excuses

Just a little reminder that if you’re determined to get in shape, or stay in shape, you can do it if you want it badly enough.  You might not be able to afford a trainer, a gym membership or even proper equipment but where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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Image from Google


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  1. I heard about a guy who lifted a baby calf and of course the weight gradually increased as it grew until he could lift it as a grown bull. I suppose it is a legend. Personally, I have trouble finding a place to hold onto. And calves are wiggly. It is usually my job at brandings to wrestle and hold them down after somebody else ropes them and somebody else is branding them. But it is a good story about increasing the weight being lifted.

    1. That story would make a good kid’s book! Hmmm…maybe I need to sharpen my pencil!

      1. Go for it. I doubt the story is copyrighted. I actually might have read it when I was in junior high and got a York weight set. An instruction booklet came with it, written by some muscleman. Maybe Charles Atlas. I remember some examples of the advantages of varying one’s routine. Besides increasing weight and repetitions, he wrote about taking days off. One example was about butchers working very hard when they had a big job but not having the same amount of work every day.

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