Me And John D.

Ham, I am!  That’s what I’ve got to say about the following photo!

Perched up high on a John Deere

Perched up high on a John Deere

I happen to know where this tractor is parked.  It’s way out on a county road and I always thought it would be fun to take a photo with it.  The road is sparsely travelled but occasionally people do drive by.  I had about 6.5 seconds to get up there, take a photo, then scramble down.  The photo is supposed to show my current muscle development but you can’t control the sun so I’m pretty washed out.  You’ll just have to take my word that my program is working and my muscle development is on the upswing.

If you look at this close up, by my foot, you can see a warning sign.  It said to stay off unless you had on proper footwear.  That’s why my heels are John Deere green.  It was a safety issue!

One must always be safe around large vehicles!

One must always be safe around large vehicles!

My appreciation for farm equipment runs in the family!  My older son had a huge collection of construction and farm vehicles when he was a little guy.  We even went to visit the John Deere headquarters in Moline, Illinois when he was very young.  It was a great place for a little boy to play.  They had all sorts of cool, giant equipment there for the kids to climb on and explore.

This is my oldest son taking a ride on his first John Deere!  He's 17 now.

This is my oldest son taking his first ride on a John Deere! He’s 17 now.

My younger son wasn’t as fascinated with construction and farm equipment.  He was consumed by letters and words.  He taught himself to read when he was 3 years old but he could still appreciate a cool John Deere!

My younger son was more interested in reading what was written on the John Deere but he still had fun with it.  He's 11 years old now

My younger son was more interested in reading than he was with vehicles but he still had fun with this John Deere tractor.   He’s 11 years old now.


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  1. Dr. Lynn… Let me get this straight… After you set your self-timer, you ran to the tractor then scampered up that tire taller than Mt. Fuji…in those skyscraper shoes?? LOL And your sons look so well behaved!

    1. This time I had help! My youngest son took that photo. I had on tennis shoes and climbed up there, then had him hand me the heels! We just took about 6 photos and that was the only one worth a darn. I took off my high heels and threw them down to him, put back on the tennis shoes and got off the tractor. My bathing suit was black where I’d been sitting on the tire. Ha…the things I do for my art!

      1. Haha! It was worth it, I’m sure. At least the tire was happy it got cleaned up a little. ☺ BTW, you can add some shading to your muscle tone with a photo editing program if you have a moment.

      2. Speaking of photos, I was admiring some you just posted. The black and white, rural looking one was fantastic. Of course, I love your flowers. I’m always amazed at your skill in capturing beautiful images. You have some in your gallery (patriotic) that I really admire too….

      3. Thank you, Dr. Lynn. ☺

      4. Lol..that was a reply to your other comment about your daughter not liking to be photographed….

  2. I do so like green, legs, and ham.

    1. Oh! This made me smile! I always tell my boys that comma placement is important! Delightful!

  3. The pics of you and the young men look great. Reminds me of growing up on the farm. A Blessed life God has given us.
    Have a fantastic Fridsy filled with God’s Blessings Lynn

    1. That’s right…I remember you saying you grew up on a farm. I had a fun time sifting through the old photo albums to find the pics of the boys with the John Deere tractors. My older boy had a HUGE collection of vehicles like that. He had dozens of Caterpillar heavy vehicles that he kept in his “truck yard.” He would know immediately if one of his trucks was out of place. Each one had a special spot of it’s own.

      Hope your week is ending on a nice note! Have a great weekend!

  4. Wow Lynn…gorgeous muscles..legs are defined and shoulders

    1. Sweet Artie!! Hi there and happy Friday! I didn’t get to show off my new little bit of muscle up there on the tractor but I still thought it was worth publishing. It makes me laugh…and brings back great memories of my boys when they were young. Hope all is going well. I have to stop into sometime soon. Wishing you a great day and a fab weekend!

      1. I closed my BB account temporarily..haven’t been there in a friend is a trainer and is training me..better shape now..yes you look hot muscles on that go Lynn..wheeeew..beautiful smile as always and love those delts 🙂

  5. Those John D coloured heels are great! I love bright heel colours. The head quarters must be a wonderful memory for your son.

    1. Thank you! I call those “show shoes.” I’m woefully un-graceful in high heels, but I sure love the way they look. I put them on for pics or when I just have to walk from the curb into a restaurant.

      We all really enjoyed the trip to John Deere headquarters. We spent hours there. It was like the best jungle gym for kids ever. They climbed all over those vehicles! I had to pry my son out of there with a crowbar. He played all afternoon (through his nap time) and still didn’t want to leave!

  6. I have been to the John Deere headquarters in Moline too. I also wore sensible footwear.

  7. you’re frickin’ ripped! – lol.

    Great photo, and why do tractors have such appeal? I mean…there is something about seeing a tractor that makes me want to drive it around and move stuff.

    1. Yay! “Ripped” is a word I really like. Thank you. I agree, seeing tractors makes you want to push and drag things around. My younger son recently had a chance to drive a tractor. He had a great time learning how to operate it.

  8. That’s a really nice pair of shoes. I can’t imagine many real tractor drivers would wear them, although you never know these days.

    1. Thank you! I assure you, the heels are official John Deere approved footwear! So glad you stopped by. I hope your week is going well.

  9. Nice tractor doc

    1. Thank you!! I always wanted to take a photo with that tractor. It hasn’t moved in a long time and every time I see it I think about hopping up there. I finally did it!

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