Progress Report – May 2015

I have completely revamped my lifting program and after a few adjustments I’m happy to say that some of the mass I lost in the beginning of my quest to create a less time consuming, less intensive workout schedule has started to come back.

I know I won’t be able to maintain the same level of mass that I’ve sported the last 23 years. That takes very focused and concerted effort with a lifting schedule I no longer want to adhere to. I know I have a body that prefers skinny. I’m a classic hardgainer which means my body will take any opportunity to get rid of the muscle-y curves I love so much. I’ve made peace with that. At 51, with so many years of heavy, hard lifting under my belt, I just don’t want to do what it takes to build and maintain it.

I’m also not willing to give up the ghost completely. Lifting, for me, is a comfortable, happy way of life and I’m certainly not going to stop. I just had to create a better way of going about my workouts. I created a checklist of exercises that I complete each week. I’m free to do them in any order I wish, as long as they get done in a 7 day period. I hit all the important muscle groups and I adore the freedom my new schedule gives me. I can do more or less on any given day, depending on what my energy level is. On strong days I do more, on the days I’m not as enthusiastic, I do less (or just do exercises I really enjoy).

I’m delighted to be free of my former routines and the bit of muscle I’ve had to give up is a reasonable trade.

Happy to see those striations in my shoulders/chest.  Bicep is a little weenie.  I'll concentrate on them a little more in the upcoming weeks.

Happy to see those striations in my shoulders/chest. Bicep is a little weenie. I’ll concentrate on them a little more in the upcoming weeks.

You can see from the photo that I’ve managed to get my delts back to a reasonable place which was one of my goals. The tiny shoulder thing wasn’t what I wanted to see when I looked in the mirror.

I’m very interested in what will happen as I continue using this new workout method over the summer.

We shall see!


16 responses

  1. Nice shadowing of your muscles this time, Doc!

    1. That one was a happy accident of sun and shadow. I never know what I’m going to get when I try to take a photo outside. That’s why I usually wait for a cloudy moment to take outside photos if I’m trying to show any muscle. Real photographers have a much better understanding of light play. I can see how it would take a lot of practice and study to learn outdoor photography.

      1. Ya did fine!! There is something called “golden hour” in photography. Loosely defined, its shooting within the hour before the sun goes down. Otherwise, if you have a large glass patio or or the like, soft window light may give you the shadowing you are seeking… Trial and error, Dr!

  2. Wowee!!!! Way to go! You look amazing and are an inspiration.πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  3. You look great! Change in life and in training is always good, it helps growth and perspective.

    1. Thank you so much! I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with my physique once I strayed from the well worn path but so far, so good! Hope you’re doing well and enjoying your workouts too!

  4. OMG wow loving the guns my friend along with those gorgeous ripped delts plus that sexy gorgeous smile young lady πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Artie! Are you back on I haven’t been there in a while but should go and at least check my mail. You are so nice! Thank you for those wonderful compliments. My poor little shoulders got skinny for a minute. I really put some effort into getting them back in shape! Hope you’re doing well and that your program is producing the results you want. I know you started doing some new gym things too.

      1. No I am not back on yet

      2. Hi Artie! How are your workouts going? I think you told me you were doing something new, right? A new program?

  5. Great job Lynn

    1. Hi Mess! Thanks so much! I’m having fun with this new program. So far, so good!

  6. As long as your comfortable with how you look ,which is fabulous. Enjoy life enjoy the boys doc

    1. Thank you so much! I’m pretty happy with the way my new program is working. I’m saving my joints from the very heavy lifting but I’m still able to hold onto a little muscle. Of course, I want more but will be satisfied as long as I don’t turn into a skinny, string bean. Hope your week is going well!

  7. You are looking terrific! Keep it up!!!

    1. Thanks so much! At first I wasn’t sure what I was doing would be effective but I tweaked my program and things seem to be going well. I’m anxious to see how it goes over the summer. Hope all is well with you and that you’re enjoying your exercise!

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