Leg Day Challenge (Hobbling Around With A Smile)


On Monday, I did an exercise challenge with a friend.  We agreed to do 10 sets of squats (for 10 reps) just for fun.  I’d been doing squats each week but hadn’t particularly been concentrating on them so I’d been doing them in the 5-7 set range.  I decided to go heavy and I made sure to squat nice and low.  Tuesday I woke up like the guy in the meme above.  Strangely (to some) I love the soreness that a hard leg day brings!

Those of us who make training a lifestyle, often purposely pick exercises that surpass our normal work capacity and stamina.  We know what we’re doing will make us sore but that’s all part of the game.  We do it on purpose…and when we can’t get into the car the next morning we don’t care.  We can lie on the floor of the garage congratulating ourselves on a job well done!


3 responses

  1. 😂 Happy to say I know the feeling!

  2. Nice and crisp article. I know how that feels! Leg day was Day before, it is again tomorrow, and I am still not able to walk down the stairs. Doesn’t matter because this ‘we will do whatever it takes’ lifestyle represents the whole idea. cheers

    1. Hello…and thank you for stopping by! That meme made me laugh when I saw it because it’s something all lifters can relate to! Yep! Whatever it takes…

      Hope you’re having great workouts!

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