FitDesk 2.0 Review

I have something new at my house.  It’s called a FitDesk.  I discovered it as I was playing around on the internet looking for fat fighting methods.  No, I’m not really fat but I don’t want to go that direction.  Most of the articles I was reading had to do with older women and their propensity to gain weight around the middle.  The upshot of my research indicates that it’s very common for women over 40 to hold extra fat around their tummies.  I’m not interested.

During my reading, I came across mention of a FitDesk as a solution for people who sit a lot doing desk work.  I found the product on Amazon and read the reviews which were mostly quite positive.  Basically, the FitDesk allows you to do what you would at a normal desk (read, blog, do research on the computer, write) while peddling as if you’re on a bike.  It’s not meant to give you a strenuous workout like a stationary bike at the gym.  It’s meant to allow you to move your body gently while doing things that normally require you to sit still.

As most of you know I’m a big believer in doing small things that will add up in the long run and this sounded like an excellent way to burn a few calories without too much extra effort.  I knew I wouldn’t have to allot any additional time for peddling into my day since I would just be maximizing the time I spend on sedentary pursuits.  What could be better than that?

Yay!  The day my FitDesk arrived at my house.

Yay! The day my FitDesk arrived at my house.

I placed my order on and my FitDesk arrived in two days!  I was elated…until I opened the box and saw all the pieces.  I’m NOT very handy and was worried that it would be hard to put together.

Hmmm....looks daunting to put together.

Hmmm….looks daunting to put together.

I unpacked all the parts then set them up so I could readily see all of them in the room where I wanted the FitDesk to live.  I have to say that it was quite easy to put together.  I didn’t have any trouble at all and only used a wrench from home.  They did include one (and a screwdriver) but I wanted to use the one I’m familiar with.

All set up.  I have a nice view out of my window while I work.

All set up. I have a nice view out of my window while I work.  Oh, my house isn’t that dark…it just looks like Dracula’s cave in this photo.

I have to report that I’m very pleased with my FitDesk.  It’s comfortable and I use it all the time.  I was afraid that moving might interrupt my train of thought when I was writing but I find that it’s no problem at all.  The FitDesk is quiet so there’s no noise to interfere with my thinking…or my zoning out if I’m using it while I watch TV.  The little time/mile/speed tracker on the front will keep your minutes from one session to the next, which I like.  That way I know how long I rode each day without having to keep track of my fits and starts.  At the beginning of the next day I just press the reset button, zero it out and start again.

As a side note, my youngest son really enjoys the FitDesk too.  He immediately hopped on it when he saw it and now reads there and watches TV while riding.  I think it’s great for a kid that likes to move around like he does.  He did some summer “homework” there as well and being able to move while doing it seemed to increase the amount of time he was willing to work without taking a break “to walk around.”

So far I give the FitDesk an A+ grade. I can’t think of one thing I don’t like about it.

*The seat is easily adjustable (I’m 5’1 and it fits me fine).  It has an extension that you can use if you’re extremely tall.

*The desk is adjustable.  You can pull it closer to you or push it farther away.  The roll bar you see on the front is for resting your arms when you’re typing or reading a book.  It’s very comfortable and a nice touch.

*Resistance is adjustable.  You can go up to a setting of 8 if you want.  I ride at a 6 or 7.  Remember, it’s not supposed to be a serious workout….just a nice leisurely ride to add some additional movement to your day.

*I usually workout in the morning then dress for my day.  I can use my FitDesk wearing normal clothes.  I do hike my skirt up when I’m wearing one which you wouldn’t want to do if you were in an office or a public place but you don’t need any special outfit to ride.  It’s not a sweaty affair.

*I have been averaging about 2 hours a day at the FitDesk.  I could easily do more (from a physical standpoint) but I’ve been busy with kid summer activities and so haven’t been spending quite as much time at my desk as I usually do.

fitdesk-2.0-cycle-desk-thumbnail FitDesk-X2.0-Semi-Recumbent-Bike-with-Desk-FDX-2.0-002


10 responses

    1. I really like my new contraption!

      1. Doctor Lynn,
        Nice toy!

  1. Oh my gosh Lynn, I want one : )

    1. I just love that FitDesk! it’s such a good idea, so easy to use…and best of all it’s not too expensive. I think it’ll help me in my quest to stay in good shape!

  2. Clearly you have more money than you know what to do with! 🙂 enjoy your Fitdisc thingy..

    1. I have a money tree don’tchaknow! Actually I was impressed by the price. It was reasonable and best of all, I’m really using the thing. Must. Stay. Fit.

      I love my thingy!

  3. I assume one has to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

    What really bothers me about this is that I didn’t think of it first.


    1. I wish I thought of it too. It’s such a great idea and they managed to make a lovely product. I’m very happy with it!

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