Dress For Success


We all know people who dress in great workout clothes but never actually go to the gym.  That’s understandable.  Workout clothes are both comfortable and cute.  I could do workouts in any non-binding, close to the body outfit but I feel a little spring in my step when I’m wearing something I think looks appealing.  Nice gym clothes are definitely not a necessity but they sure are nice to have.

The following companies have workout clothes I really like.  They’re well made and long lasting.  It’s clear the designers are familiar with what people working hard in the gym (or doing yoga, running etc.) really need.  Sorry guys, most of them don’t have workout wear for men although Otomix does.

Athleta – This is a Gap subsidiary.  Their clothes are fantastic and if you take a look at their catalogue, you’ll see models in some of the most amazing yoga poses ever.  Very inspiring and fun to look at.

Otomix – Among other things this company has some great lycra workout tops.  They’re very pretty and they last forever!  When they have sales you can get some items very inexpensively.

Soybu – This company has very cute workout outfits in their inventory.  They also have comfortable workout dresses which is a great thing for the hot summer months.  You can wear them to the gym then out to lunch without any problem.  Soybu is pretty expensive (and worth it) however if you look them up on Amazon, you can find discounted items almost all the time.

PrAna –  This company specializes in yoga clothes but you can use their shirts/skirts/dresses for any other active pursuits.  The clothes are well made and very cute.  You can find sale items on the internet if you do a search.

There a lots more great, active-wear clothing companies out there but these are the ones I return to time and time again.  I’m always happy with the quality of their items and their designer’s creativity makes their clothing tremendously aesthetically pleasing.   You certainly don’t have to have great workout wear to accomplish great things in the gym but it makes you feel good to look good while you’re putting in that heavy duty effort!


4 responses

  1. Thanks! I haven’t heard of a few of these companies so I will definitely check them out.

    1. I think you’ll find some great stuff to wear. Don’t forget to go to the sale section on the company website but also to just google the brand and you can sometimes find great discounts. There was one workout dress selling for $80.00 and I found it for MUCH less on amazon.com.

  2. I found treating myself to nice workout gear a nice reward for sticking to my routine and meal plan. Nice gear makes me feel better.

    1. Me too…plus I often don’t have time to change out of my workout clothes before I’m off and running to another event or appointment with the boys. It’s a great benefit to me to have clothes that can go to football practice, a PTA meeting or to meet a friend right after a workout….and I admit, cute outfits put a spring in my step!

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