Details, Details (Workout Plan Revisited)


A few people have asked me about a more detailed description of my current program so I decided to post it here.  Followers of this blog know that I’ve re-vamped my program so that I don’t do nearly as much heavy lifting and I’ve come up with a way to give myself more freedom with regard to my program. I’ve found it’s easier for me to follow without exhausting myself by the end of the week, it’s much kinder to my joints…and best of all it’s more FUN! 

Right now I’m on week 5 of a 12 week chunk.  I’m rotating between two distinct approaches.

Weeks 1-3, Plan A

Weeks 4-6, Plan B

Weeks 7-9, Plan A

Weeks 10-12, Plan B

My checklist for Plan A is below (I’ve posted this before).  

Plan A - Example sheet

Plan A – Example sheet

On this plan I have one week to complete workouts targeting the listed muscle groups.  I’ve given myself permission to do as much or as little as I want to each day and I can do the exercises in any order at all.  This allows me to control my workouts according to how much energy I have on any given day.  If I’m feeling happy and full of vim and vigor, I check a lot of exercises off the  list.  Some days I’m less interested in pushing myself and I’ll do fewer exercises.  

For Plan A, I always do at least 4 sets for each exercise but sometimes do as many as 10.  Many of the exercises only get done once a week so I make sure to really tax the muscle.  Some exercises (calves, pull ups, overhead press, biceps, push ups and abs) are done multiple times during the week.

In addition to the lifting, I walk my puppies at a good clip each morning and I do 15 minutes on a row machine (at a high level since it’s for my back/shoulders not necessarily for cardio training) for 5 days.  

My checklist for Plan B is below.  

Plan B - My very professional checklist

Plan B – My very professional checklist

This is a high volume plan and the one I’m doing this week. It’s only Thursday so the checklist isn’t complete yet.  You can see I’ve done abs, triceps, push ups and shoulders this morning and I will do my pull ups, calves and biceps as the day goes along.  Since I’m working the same muscles 5 out of 7 days of the week (my choice of days), I just do  3 sets of each exercise per day.  In addition, I’ll do one exercise from the “Add One” list each day.  I tend to do more sets ( 4-10) when taking from the “Add One” list since those exercises are only being done once a week.

Plan B includes walking the dogs and rowing (high level) 4 days of my choice out of the week.

My walking companions!

My walking companions!

I’m not currently doing anything special with my diet.  I’m consciously making good, healthy food choices most of the time.  I stick to low carb, medium-high protein choices a lot of the time although I enjoy my indulgences (wine, blueberry pancakes, chips, biscuits, baked potato, french fries) now and then.  


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  1. I fit into the ‘your ecards’ category. I would love walking those beautiful dogs tho….

    1. I’ve been away from my desk lately and must catch up with my reading. I’ll make a good dent in it tonight. Can’t wait to see what you’ve posted recently!

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