Cold Irony

*Warning – This post is off topic.  I tell you that because I dislike going to a place expecting one thing and being confronted with something entirely different.  I write because I enjoy it.  It’s an outlet for me but not everything I think about has to do with working out or the gym.  If you’re here for the gym posts, thank you for stopping by, but this is one you can skip.  See you next time!


Conclusion of my reflections these past days – If you want wall to wall news coverage, cries of condemnation, outrage and tears from a heartbroken public, don’t go to all the trouble of killing millions of innocent human beings.

Just kill an animal.


6 responses

  1. The poem is yours?

    1. It sure is! You see, I write poetry like I paint and sing….very badly. I was just so disturbed that I didn’t want to try and tame the cacophony of words in my head and streamline them into a properly flowing piece of text. Too hard (and time consuming) at the time. I just wanted to get some thoughts off my chest. Hence, the bad poetry….

      Hope your workouts are going well these days. I’m having a really good time with mine. I’m a little thready (skinny) but still keeping a little muscle on my frame.

      Have a wonderful day!

  2. Well said doc

    1. Thank you! I just got back from spending a little time in the mountains. It was wonderful. I find it very relaxing. It’s very quiet so you can hear your own thoughts….Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

  3. Let’s just hope that this idiot is beginning to understand the enormity of what he has done to this poor innocent creature. What goes around always comes around.

  4. Brilliant conclusion!

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