Snacks!  My favorite thing!

A question we all ask!

A question we all ask!

I love to eat and despise being hungry which means I need to pay attention to the amount and type of calories I consume.  If I eat too much (which would be easy) I’ll suffer the consequences.  “Hello flab” is NOT something I want to say when I look at myself in the mirror.

I don't want to see a fluffy physique in the mirror!

I don’t want to see a fluffy physique in the mirror!

I recently found a lovely, little snack called a Kind bar.  They are delicious and made up of great ingredients. They’re portable which is important to me since I’m often most hungry when I’m out and about.  Kind makes all kinds of bars but these are my two favorite types.  They are fairly low in sugar (5 grams for the Chocolate and 6 grams for the Honey Smoked BBQ ).  There are many other flavors but they typically have more grams of sugar than I like to consume.
20150730_075933-1These are some of my favorite snack items.  If you need something great to tide you over between meals, give them a try!


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  1. I like Zone perfect bars. Good protein and still kind of tastes like it’s really bad for you. Looking great spider monkey!

    1. Lishie! I see Zone bars in the store all the time but I never stopped to pick one up and look at the ingredient list. I’ll have try one. Know how I discovered the Kind bars? I was on a long drive and stopped at a gas station. I wanted a little snack and found them wedged between the chips and cookies! Yay for me!

      1. While I was in the Army, we were not allowed to eat some varieties of Kind bars because they had hemp seeds in them…

      2. Hemp seeds? Hmmmm….That would be a good thing for me to stay away from too. I’m already odd enough. I don’t need any extra help! Hope you’re having a good weekend. I was in the mountains for the bulk of last week. It’s very pretty there. The grass has grown so tall and when the wind blows it looks like waves moving across the meadow. It’s quite a beautiful thing to behold….

  2. the dark chocolate cinnamon is one of my favs! It’s a little high in fat for me but I enjoy it before a nice long run.

    1. They’re just so good. I love that flavor. I practically live on nuts or nut butters for snacks so it’s the perfect addition to my snack arsenal!

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