Get Happy!



Sometimes you just feel blue and then that little voice in your head starts gaining volume.  You know the voice I’m talking about.  It’s the one that tells you it’s fine to skip your workout, especially since you’re not feeling good.  My rotten little voice then goes on to tempt me with potato chips.

She starts saying things like this…

“Since you’re not feeling very cheery, you should just take it easy today.  Not only that, you should eat some chips because that’s something you like and it’ll make you feel better.  Rest and chips…that’s the ticket.  You’ll soon feel much better.”

She lies.  I know she lies because when I give in to her, I hardly ever feel any better.  Not only that I almost always end up feeling worse.  When I push myself and just go do something…a little lifting or a little cardio I inevitably end my exercise session feeling significantly better.

This phenomenon isn’t just unique to me, it’s a known fact that exercise improves mood.

The upshot of it is, if you’re feeling a little out of sorts, don’t use it as an excuse to skip your workout.  You’re almost always going to feel much better once you’re done.

Besides, you might as well be sad with a nice physique rather than sad AND out of shape!



18 responses

  1. Mr. Annoying Grammar Person says:
    “Phenomena” is plural. Use “this phenomenon” or “these phenomena”.

    Mr. Eric says:
    Tell Mr. Annoying Grammar Person to go to hell. You can always blame spell-check.

    1. Dear Mr. Annoying Grammar Person. You are mistaken. Go back and you’ll see I clearly wrote “phenomenon.”

    2. Ha, ha…you caught one of my boo-boos. There are many. I don’t know why I first typed it that way. I know the difference BUT that happens on occasion.

      One of my pet peeves is when people write “your” instead of “you’re.” I always bring it up to my boys and caution them to use the words correctly. One day I looked at an email I’d sent. Yep…I had written something like “You can’t sing when your underwater.” I sat at my desk in shame!

  2. Ummm, you mean rest and chips is not the answer? Well my beautiful spider monkey, you keep doing what you are doing! Absolutely perfect, and I am not saying that to suck up either. .well, maybe just a little. You inspire me every day!

    1. Really, it is but I just couldn’t tell people that! Ha, ha….I just finished eating some chips. Yum…but I did do a good workout today so I’m giving myself a pass. You always put a smile on my face…thank you for your wonderfulness (I make up my own words)

      I was laughing to myself the other day. Some awful man in the news said he was driven to violence because someone called him a monkey. I thought, “Well, I’m Lishies little spider monkey and I like that very much!”

  3. Gorgeous Lynn.

    1. Thank you, Sir….made me smile!

  4. I agree Dr. Lynn. I have gotten back into martial arts for my conditioning (I’ve never been much of a gym rat lol). It helps me get centered by using simple breathing techniques and creating an efficient use of body and mind to create energy. The great thing is that I can practice at home, at the park, in the office, along the river bank, at the lake, wherever I want to call my dojo. No memberships, waiting in line for equipment, no gym drama. It’s total bliss and I come away feeling charged up, enthusiastic and in a kick-ass mood (in a good way).

    1. Martial arts are wonderful. I tried to get my son interested but I think I introduced it too early (for him). He was three and all he wanted to do when the instructor was teaching was to look in the mirrors that lined the dojo. He was totally uninterested in anything else that was going on. Perhaps we’ll try again now that he’s older.

      It’s fantastic that you have something you can do anywhere. That’s one of the keys to being successful with any exercise/fitness program. I love the way you describe how it makes you feel…wonderful!

  5. You are so right about the voice that promises eating will produce happiness. After you’ve eaten it, it’s not often that you feel particularly happy. If only we could experience the guilt first, before eating that ice cream!

    1. It’s quite a trick, isn’t it? You give in and don’t feel any better at all. I’m with you. It would be better if the guilt came first!

  6. Oh u look fabulous

    1. Thank you, thank you!

  7. Dam doc just when that voice said ur schedule is a mess, hit it tomorrow. Chest and biceps it is

    1. I swear..there’s always a GOOD reason not to workout and that little voice in your head will exploit every one of them if you let it. I have to fight the urge to be lazy often but I’m always glad I exercised when it’s over!

  8. Like always… You look stunning.

    1. Hi there!! So glad to hear from you! Thank you for the kind words. I’m a ham but I meant what I said…exercise makes you feel better when you’re out of sorts. I know you understand just what I mean. Hope all is well and that you’re having good days in and out of the gym!

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