Thoughts on the Black Lives Matter Protesters

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For the Black Lives Matter Protesters and Supporters

Useful Idiot is a term that you may or may not be familiar with.  It’s use is often attributed to Vladimir Lenin.  Regardless of it’s actual point of origin, it’s used to describe people who function as tools in a cause whose ultimate goals they are blind to and whose leaders hold them in contempt while simultaneously using them for their own ends. In the case of Black Lives Matter, it describes a purposeful manipulation of emotion and a spoonfeeding of propaganda on the part of the more powerful leaders that is taken up by the street level protestors or “marks” as truth.  

You see, they are using you, my friends.  They’re using you as attack dogs to help in their desire to create chaos and disorder.  What kind of leaders willfully try to set people against each other?  Those who want to replace what once existed with something new.  In this case, that means enemies of America who want to “fundamentally transform” her.  When things are chaotic, when the public is upset, when groups are running around calling implicitly and explicitly for violence they get what they want…a general population longing for a return to order, safety and increased security.  

That order, safety and increased security translates into expanded government control. It means the people will more willingly give up their freedoms and privacy so that they may feel safe.  Citizens will allow the government to overreach in ways they would normally reject out of hand. Setting people against each other is simply a tactic. 

Few of those encouraging you care one whit about identifying or addressing the real causes of problems in the black community.  That’s why they remain silent when young, black men shoot and kill each other in major cities, every single weekend, in staggering numbers.  Have you noticed that those black lives don’t matter?  Nobody reports on it, nobody marches or chants to bring “awareness” to the carnage, no government official condemns it, they just allow the bloody bodies to be carted off; out of sight, out of mind and keep talking about how WHITE people (police in particular) are racist and therefore dangerous to black people.  The thousands of young, black men dying at the hands of other young, black men don’t matter to them one bit.

Only certain black lives matter…the ones the government/media complex can plug-and-play into the storyline they wish to promote, the ones that will stoke discord and create unrest.  The ones that will pit black against white people.  


Social cohesion is the enemy of “transformation.”  Our citizens will reject losses of personal freedom and increased government meddling and control as long as things are going well.  Social (and economic) chaos is the goal because it eventually brings calls for order.  The government will position themselves as the solution when they step in with the permission of a weary, psychologically battered and confused population to impose the requested order.   What comes next is a predictable and historically repetitive repression of the population “for their own good.” They purposely encourage the problem in order to solve the problem in a way that causes the people to willingly cede their power.

My friends, they have you marching in the streets, calling for violence against your fellow citizens, spewing vile, hateful, divisive rhetoric.  They have you encouraging mayhem, murder and screeching for a race war you cannot win.  They have you rejecting the very people who wade into urban pockets of criminality and try to keep the innocent from being preyed upon. Without them, those same communities will be completely swallowed up by the violent. The result will only be more misery, more despair.

I can promise you one thing.  Nothing you’re doing will improve the lives of black people.  It can only further deteriorate the cause of peace and true justice. They have you working against your own interests and doing it with great vigor.

While you are useful to them, you will be allowed to continue stirring the pot.  When they are done with you, you’ll be discarded without a second thought; no more print coverage, no more spots on the nightly news, no more understanding murmurings coming from those government officials you think have real sympathy with your cause.  If you dare to keep it up after your Use By date, they will crush you without mercy.

Stop what you’re doing, take a pause and look back into world history.  You will see that this is nothing new.  It’s been done time and time again to lessen the power that people have to affect their own destiny and to deliver more power into the hands of the ruling class.  I assure you, THEY know history. They are functioning as puppet masters, pulling strings and fomenting unrest to chip away at the bedrock of your liberty.

Your future could and should be bright.  The opportunities and possibilities this country traditionally offers her citizens exist in no other place on this earth.  A better life won’t be bestowed by the government (that’s the dangerous lure of socialism and the sweet song of fascism) but it can be achieved. Your actions are a rejection of the very order that allows upward social and economic movement in America.  You’re helping the ruling class wrest the possibility for advancement from you in your improperly focused efforts.  You’re helping them close the door on the possibility of a prosperous future for yourself and for the rest of your countrymen.

Black people and white people in America are in the same boat. Like it or not our fortunes and future are intertwined. We must not allow ourselves to be moved around the board like chess pieces in a wicked game.  We must resist becoming useful idiots; misguided and energetic fools, complicit in our own destruction.

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  1. Hmmm, exceptional beauty and brains, this is why I adore my spider monkey! Another well thought out and written blog!

    1. Monkeys are VERY beautiful…all that gorgeous, shiny fur AND they are known to be smarter than the average politician! Ha…

      Happy Tuesday Lishie! I hope your week is off to a nice start. I took a way-to-short trip to the mountains over the Labor Day weekend. Even though I didn’t get to stay long, it was an excellent break…very peaceful there.

  2. You did a really good job writing this and I enjoyed reading your thoughts. To a large extent I think you did hit the nail on the head. Americans are perhaps more apt to look at manipulation by their current government as the root of the problem—and you may be right, given your situation—but we here in Canada have seen the same sort of social manipulation that had nothing to do with our government.

    The fact you touched on, and might elaborate on, is the media’s role in inflaming disputes. Bad news sells. Our media has pitted the English against the French, blowing incidents and facts way out of proportion. And so many people read only the headlines! I suspect our media would have wished to see us come to civil war because conflict creates news.

    We’ve had inside info on a few reported incidents and seen the manipulation done to “inform” public opinion. And it’s worked! Now it really frightens me when I see just how much power the news media has over the common people. Those folks are the ones who choose which voices to lift up and which to disregard or even publicly put down, what slant to put on what story.

    One of our comedy teams years back did a little spoof on a newspaper owner. This “news baron” was packing his bags and the reporter was asking him, “Where are you going, sir?”
    The answer, “I’m going to Sarajevo to assassinate the Archduke Ferdinand.”
    “You’re what…? Whatever for?”
    “There isn’t much news happening lately so I’ll start a war. If it’s a success I’ll maybe make it a series.”

    1. Thanks so much for stopping in to comment. Yes, the news media does a good job stirring things up. Bad news does sell but at this juncture in history, I see it as them doing the bidding of their corporate masters who are most definitely in bed with the current administration. It appears the corporate-government bonds are solidifying in a rather unpleasant way. They tend to speak with the same voice, for the same purpose. Dissenting voices and opinions don’t get much of a chance to be seen/heard. Our major news outlets have turned into propaganda organs. Real journalistic principles have been thrown out the window in the name of the “greater good.” Scary times here!

  3. Reblogged this on Shootin' the Breeze and commented:
    Dr. Lynn wrote an excellent article. She has the credentials to say what she did.

  4. Thank you, Doctor Lynn. You are an excellent writer and clear thinker.

    1. Thank you so much! You’re very kind. I appreciate the re-blog. That’s a wonderful compliment. I was away for the long weekend (in the mountains without internet…yay!) so I apologize for taking so long to respond. Hope your week is off to a lovely start!

  5. Reblogged this on Masako and Spam Musubi and commented:
    Dr. Lynn – a patriot – expresses so well her thoughts on this topic tearing apart our country…

  6. Thank you doc

    1. Well hello! Glad you popped in. Hope you’re enjoying your week. I’m happy I was able to get some thoughts off my chest!

  7. Wonderful analysis into what is contributing greatly to our society’s woes, Dr. Facts so eloquently expressed. Would you mind if I reblog this?

    1. I’m so glad you liked this post. Of course you can reblog it. I’d be flattered! I’m so glad I have a place to express some of my thoughts. It helps me tremendously to be able to put things on paper…a good outlet!

      1. And you did a mighty fine job as always.

  8. Thanks for the thoughts Doc.

    I agree that all lives matter and there is nothing worse that a society being pitting against each other. But to be fair, there is a very easy way to make sure that a cop doesn’t shoot you. Do what he says and don’t resist. When I was a teen, if I got rowdy with a cop then I was going to get my backside beat. Today, the cops are much more likely to pull a gun because their world is so much more dangerous than it was 30 years ago. I got a speeding ticket a few weeks ago, when I pulled over the first thing I did was to roll the windows down and hold both hands outside the car. When I told my wife what I did, she thought I was joking. It is no joke because I know he has a gun, he has no idea what I have or what substances I am on. If he gets scared, I am likely to catch a couple of bullets. Some one once told me that you can be legal and be legally dead at the same time. I will be teaching my kids and my son specifically, to not get rowdy with a cop. It never ends up well for you.


    1. “You can be legal and legally dead at the same time.” That’s the truth of the matter, isn’t it? That’s a good way of putting it! Both my boys know to be respectful, polite etc. when dealing with police/school administrators/teachers/coaches. I tell them if there is a problem, just remain calm and wait to argue it out until another time (when they have appropriate parental or legal backup).

      I feel pretty fortunate, they are both very good at handling themselves and not given to fits of anger or outbursts. It’s something we’ve worked on since their first days…

  9. Keep sharing the truth Lynn. I’m very proud of you

    1. Thank you. I think that’s an incredibly high compliment…and I deeply appreciate it! Sure put a big smile on my face.

      I hope you had a good day. I can just see the first signs of fall. You know, I typically put up my fall/harvest/Halloween decorations on Sept. 15th. I say it’s for the kids but I actually love decorating in all the yellow, orange and red colors of the season.

  10. I see things the same as you. I can’t believe Americans are falling for the lie that is being perpetrated by the present administration. Sadly, that is where it’s being pushed from. Where are we headed… All one needs to do is read history, not just ours. Look at China, North Korea, Russia, Nazi Germany and Italy when Mussolini was in power. There are more but you get the idea. It will be like sheep going to the slaughter. This is the future of the fundamentally changed America.
    Lynn, just wanted to get that of my chest. Thanks for all you do for the Vets.

    1. Yes, like sheep to the slaughter…it’s distressing. I’m so glad you stopped in and left your note. It’s always nice to touch base with kindred spirits. It makes me feel less alone with my thoughts. It seems there is so little I can do but writing helps me get it off my chest.

      Wishing you great days ahead. We’re going into fall which is my favorite season. Have a lovely night!

  11. Well said. You should send this post to every media editorial. I bet you most of them won’t publish it. God Bless You!

    1. I’m glad you approve. It’s nice to have a little place to express myself! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! I’m just starting to see the first signs of fall…my favorite season!

  12. Your eloquent commentary leads me to wonder if God has a special place in His heart for useful idiots; why else would He have made so many of them?

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